Atlas Hotels is an award-winning company which owns and operates over 40 different branded hotels with properties in Scotland, England and Wales. Formerly known as Somerston Hotels, they have a reputation for excellence in their sector and are focused on delivering a fantastic experience for guests at each of their locations.

They were looking to create a corporate but contemporary brand identity alongside their staff, who they proudly seen as a key part in creating memorable guest experiences.


Our ideas stemmed from getting to know the team at Atlas. Each of the different staff members had character, personality, and we saw bringing that to the life with the final mark as crucial.

We found that Atlas Hotels believe in empowering and building teams to deliver personable, characterful and quality service. It was this togetherness, passion for the team and driving the business forward-as-one, which evoked in us the image of a colourful shoal of fish.

All unique in their own way, all swimming together and always in the same direction.


Atlas were delighted with the new brand identity which was presented at a special launch to much acclaim and we’re more than a little pleased with the final outcome ourselves. We are happy to continue working with Atlas Hotels on other creative projects.

“From our very first discussions, Benedetto and his team really understood what we wanted to achieve and approached the project with creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism. Despite a tight deadline, they delivered a first rate corporate identity which has been whole-heartedly embraced by our organisation and which represents our corporate culture.”

Lesley-Ann Cardow, Group Marketing Manager of Atlas Hotels




Bridge2Business is a programme aimed to connect, support and inspire college students into enterprise. It is a part of ‘Young Enterprise Scotland’s’ offering to young people and gives first-hand opportunities to the students to engage with entrepreneurial role models at different levels.

The programme supports young people who have an interest in setting up their own business or wish to build a promising career within the workplace. The loft was tasked with designing a new brand that encapsulates the spirit of the programme and would appeal to both the students and decision makers of the colleges.


We worked closely with the entire Bridge2Business team to generate ideas that would tell a great story about the brand. We started with the words ‘inspiration,’ ‘connections’ & ‘support,’ to create a range of themes.

The main story of the brand came from celestial navigation and the old sailors’ tale that ‘in times of trouble, the stars will guide you home.’ We wanted to build on the likelihood that every entrepreneur at one stage of their journey will hit rocky times and will have nothing left to go on than ‘absolute faith.’ The use of the star constellation ‘Nashira’ symbolising ‘lady-luck’ gives real meaning to that message and the modern shapes and graphics also support the identity whilst giving the Bridge2Business team a great story to tell.


The identity is a fresh and modern interpretation of the organisation and what it stands for while the story of ‘lady-luck’ gives the brand a real edge.

“The team at the loft have been an inspiring, creative and friendly team to work with. Listening to our needs and having a real understanding of our audience ensured that their communications solution is absolutely spot on — highly recommended.”

Geoff Leask, CEO, Young Enterprise Scotland




Beeks FX VPS are one of the global leaders in Managed Virtual Private Servers for automated trading. A managed ‘VPS’ is a dedicated service supplied from a data centre allowing traders a quicker, more efficient and reliable solution for transactions.

Beeks FX’s main business is to serve brokers, who operate in the London Stock Exchange. The organisation was acquiring a New York company to expand their coverage and their management team wanted to design a new identity which would capture the values of the brand while building a more effective digital presence.

We were also asked to create a new video for their website too.


We wanted to showcase all of the company’s strengths with this identity. This included using a lower-case and more dynamic ‘b’ for beeks, creation of a continuous loop to show how the service actually works and a hidden ‘map pin’ highlighting one of the more significant parts of the story – brilliant strategic positioning.

The data being fired out of a loop neatly shows the speed of their service and the same visual language is used throughout their website. The site has a clean, straightforward design displaying the service offered by the company in the simplest way possible.

The final video was produced alongside Alasdair Currie of XYZ Design.


“The loft were instrumental in our re-branding exercise at Beeks FX, as we continue to grow our international business, they went above and beyond when working to a tight deadline. Our team enjoyed working with them, and it was a fun experience; however, threats of free Prosecco have yet to materialise!”

Gordon McArthur, CEO of Beeks FX VPS




The Leven Car Company is a luxury car retailer which specialises in the sales and servicing of high-performance vehicles. Founded in 2014 by Hugh and Chris McMahon, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce were the first two brands represented by the organisation and we were asked to create an identity which would ‘comfortably sit alongside two of the finest automotive brands in the world without looking out of place.’


We started with the people in the company – the founders Hugh and Chris have a long track record in the automotive trade with very clear values which we would build on alongside those of the company’s employees. Themes like ‘longevity,’ ‘people,’ ‘continuity,’ came up time and time again which allowed us to form a unique and powerful story for the brand.

‘An experience of service that is moulded around customers, lives long in the memory and has no limits.’

This story was then brought to life during the design of the identity with a range of silhouettes of people, fading outwards from the centre and tied together with an infinity loop.


“The loft created a brand identity for The Leven Car Company — one with which we are incredibly proud. The company gave a very personal service, took the time to understand the business, consulted the entire team and they provided us with a top quality design culminating in a brand that sits alongside two of the world’s finest — Aston Martin and Rolls Royce — without looking out of place”

Chris McMahon, Managing Director of The Leven Car Company