Vodafone Freebees!!

Just a quick post here. I cannot think of anything more mundane to sell than mobile phone tariffs. Luckily Vodafone have used one of the oldest tricks in the book to great effect. Create a loveable character that cannot help but get you intrigued about what they’re selling. Vodafone’s ‘Freebees’ is a nice modern interpretation of character driven marketing. The kind that used to be used with great effect, such as the Tetley Tea Folk. Who as it happens are making a return. How many of us would remember Frosties the cereal without Tony the Tiger? Nice to see Vodafone adding a bit of entertainment which can at times be a very focused segment.

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PSYBT Elevator Evening

If you are a young person thinking of starting your own business, PSYBT is the ideal charity to help you on your way. They provide exceptional assistance in the means of loans, grants and mentoring to young entrepeneurs. The Loft itself was set up with PSYBT assistance, so check out their elevator evening. The poster was designed by the Loft in our very own closer collaboration with PSYBT.