Glasgow Chamber of Commerce WeeG


We’ve been proud members of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce since the company was started in 2012 and we’ve worked on many projects together. So we were thrilled to be approached by Richard Muir, Deputy CEO of The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, to come up with a new mark for the Chamber. Richard knew exactly what he was looking for – he wanted to create a ‘G’ for Glasgow which would feature representations of many of the city’s landmarks.


It was wonderful to work to such a clear brief as given by Richard, needless to say the team got straight into it – we quickly produced designs which began to compile all of the most famous landmarks of Glasgow – The Kevingrove, Finnieston Crayne, Glasgow University, The Duke Of Wellington Statue, etc. As expected, the identity was almost designing itself – however we decided to inject a bit more creativity and meaning into the project – we started to take classic Glasgow characteristic such as laughter, music, even the famous Glasgow weather and mixed these in to create a logo that was even more ‘Glasgow’

We produced a range of identities based on the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce colour palette and produced animated versions too.


The Glasgow WeeG (Weegie is a classic local term to describe Glaswegians,) has been an incredible success – it is widely loved by everybody at the Chamber of Commerce, the wider city and beyond. It is proudly used by the Chamber on almost all of their communications and we continue to work closely with the Chamber today.

“I’ve known Benedetto for the best part of 10 years and he positively brims with innovation, attention to detail and enthusiasm. He has a rare ability to turn creative outputs around very quickly and effectively. He intuitively understands us as clients and has been instrumental in creating one of our key identities and some vital member communications.”

Richard Muir, Deputy CEO of Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce