Glasgow Chamber of Commerce WeeG


The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is at the heart of the Glasgow business community. They have a tremendously committed and driven team who do everything possible to support Glasgow on a local, national and international stage. They represent businesses throughout the city and, as long-term members ourselves, we were thrilled to be approached by Richard Muir, their Deputy CEO, to come up with a new identity for the organisation.

Richard had been telling us for many years of an idea he had for the organisation’s logo – he wanted to create a bold ‘G’ for Glasgow made from illustrations of many of the city’s landmarks.


Having such a clear brief was an exceptional help, our creative team were able to instantly create eye-catching and visually bold concepts. The structure of the design was brilliantly given to us by Richard, however we wanted to go further to make this identity ‘truly Glasgow.’

We quickly started with all of the famous landmarks of Glasgow – The Kelvingrove Museum, Finnieston Crane, Glasgow University, The Duke Of Wellington Statue, etc, etc. However, instead of slavishly including every landmark we could think of, we mixed our illustrations with classic Glasgow representations – laughter, music, even the famous Glasgow weather. We produced a range of identities based on the Chamber brand colours, including animated versions.


The Glasgow WeeG (Weegie is a classic local term to describe Glaswegians,) has been an incredible success – it is widely loved by everybody at the Chamber of Commerce, wider city and beyond.

“I’ve known Benedetto and the loft for the best part of 10 years and they positively brim with innovation, attention to detail and enthusiasm. They have a rare ability to turn creative outputs around very quickly and effectively. They intuitively understands us as clients and have been instrumental in creating one of our key identities and some vital member communications.”

Richard Muir, Deputy CEO of Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce