We had a very special guest at the loft yesterday, Miss Kirsten Alison, a tremendous up-and-coming photographer from The West-End of Glasgow.

On seeing Kirsten’s portfolio, we were taking aback by just how poignant and moving many of the pictures are – capturing the beauty in people, in nature and in everyday objects.

Kirsten has a wonderful gift in creating a subtle drama of composition, in building depth into the photo and a quite staggeringly sensitive use of vibrant colour.

We are delighted that we shall be working with Kirsten more in the future…

Check out Kirsten Alison on Flickr

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introducing ‘little miss noisy’


Today is a special day, today we are joined by a new superstar. A girl that is going to bring so much flair, creativity and a lot of ‘soul’ to the loft and all the good folks we work with. A girl that is brimming with energy, brimming with ideas and a real love of life. A true superstar in every sense – our very own ‘little miss noisy’ – Jordan Alaa. Jordan is going to be working with us part-time to help develop our own brand with social media as well as the brands of others.

Already bedded in with the team, you are going to love her…

Name? Jordan Alaa

Date of Birth? (Nah, we won’t ask a lady her age)

College/Uni? Strathclyde with a degree in Business & Marketing. (Jordan has already had one or two entrepreneurial adventures – just ask her about her world famous denim shorts?)

smartstems logo for web

Favourite Piece of Loft Work? (We real should stop asking that…) but Jordan kindly had no problem confessing that the recent SMART STEMs branding was a personal favourite.


Favourite Designer and why? Despite Jordan being a #MarketingSuperstar she very kindly admitted that Karl Lagerfeld was a personal favourite – “He means business.”

Favourite Marketing Tool? “Instagram all the way. A picture speaks a thousand words.” Spot the marketeer (sound-bite happy :-))


Favourite Font? “optimum, thingy, the one from Estee Lauder…” (not really fair asking a non-desiger this question, but we couldn’t resist…)

Tea or Coffee? “Chai Latte”

Favourite Studio Music? “Deep House Music, chris malinchak”

What do you want to be when you grow up? “CEO of a fashion/apparel brand.”

Jordan is our very own #MarketingSuperstar. We can’t wait to begin work with her and wait until you see the magnificent things the great lady has planned for the brand.