We were delighted to be given the opportunity to work, again, with our long-standing client Resolvecall. They asked us to create a brand and identity for their new locksmith business & sub-brand Resolvelock.

Resolvelock would offer a fast, responsive and customer-focussed service, to both businesses and consumers. We were asked to create a bold identity, that was both memorable and eye-catching. The brand would be rolled out nationally.


We explored many different ways to communicate the main ideas – the locksmith service, speed, responsiveness, etc. After a series of concept presentations, we agreed on a dramatised typeface for the logo with a stylised key, to its side, for the brand identity.

The typeface was styled with a heavier font and tightened character spacings. Subtle cues like broken lines were introduced, making the logo appear as if it’s moving while stationary. Finally, the outrageous acid green was placed against a jet black backdrop for greater impact.


A sensational result with a memorable brand being created. The identity has made its way onto a fleet of commercial vehicles and a holding-page website, with much more to follow. The loft continues to work with Resolvecall on the rollout of the new brand alongside several other projects.