The Leven Car Company is a luxury car retailer which specialises in the sales and servicing of high-performance vehicles. The organisation was founded in 2014 by Hugh and Chris McMahon who had owned, operated and eventually sold The Lomond Audi Group. (Now known as Lookers Audi.)

Aston Martin and Rolls Royce were the first two brands represented by the new company, and we were asked to create an identity which ‘could sit alongside two of the finest automotive brands in the world without looking out of place.’


We wanted to create a brand that would be professional, distinctive and meant something to the people in the organisation. As with all branding projects, we started by looking to find the right words to describe the company and what made it special. Hugh McMahon, Chris McMahon, the technical teams and the sales teams for both Aston Martin and Rolls Royce all contributed their thoughts and ideas. We learned a huge amount, eventually settling on words such as longevity, continuity, people, etc as the principal ideas for the new brand. The next step was to find a creative way to communicate these ideas.

Throughout the process – we had explored visual themes such as The Spartans Warrior Society, Migrating Birds Flying in a V Formation, The River Leven , etc. Despite the wide range of automotive imagery available for what was essentially a car brand, we wanted to be more open-minded and eventually honed in on the very distinctive idea of ‘Chinese Whispers.’

The idea of ‘Chinese Whispers’ was perfect as it was different, represented the words and most importantly made reference to the simple idea that if you look after one person, they will tell another. Hugh and Chris McMahon had both achieved great success with this basic idea and it would be a good place to start for The Leven Car Company. The theme was taken and developed into a visual identity and final mark. This mark is brought to life with a range of silhouettes of people fading outwards from the centre and tied together in an infinity loop.

The final flourish was the creation of a complimentary brand story to go with the mark. ‘The Leven Car Company provides an experience of service that is moulded around its customers, designed to live long in the memory and with no limits.’



“The loft created a brand identity for The Leven Car Company — one with which we are incredibly proud. The company gave a very personal service, took the time to understand the business, consulted the entire team and they provided us with a top quality design culminating in a brand that sits alongside two of the world’s finest — Aston Martin and Rolls Royce — without looking out of place”

Chris McMahon, Managing Director of The Leven Car Company