We were delighted to be given the opportunity to create a new brand for Bridge2Business. As part of Young Enterprise Scotland, this new programme was designed to connect, support and inspire college students into enterprise. We were asked to create an identity that captures the spirit of entrepreneurship and appeals to both the students and the decision-makers of the colleges, where the programme would be rolled out.



We worked closely with the Bridge2Business team to generate ideas that would tell a great story about the new organisation and what they were planning to do. Visual themes were built around words such as inspiration, connections, support, etc.

This led to a brand story of celestial navigation, and in particular the old maritime tale that ‘in times of trouble, the stars will guide you home safely.’ This was particularly relevant as every entrepreneur at one stage of their journey will hit rocky times and just have to rely on that little bit of fortune. The use of the star constellation ‘Nashira’ which symbolises lady-luck gives additional meaning to that message.


The brand was launched in the Planetarium at the Glasgow Science Centre where CEO, Geoff Leask, told an audience (looking up at a room full of stars) about Nashira and the brand story we had created together.

“The team at the loft have been an inspiring, creative and friendly team to work with. Listening to our needs and having a real understanding of our audience ensured that their communications solution is absolutely spot on – highly recommended.”

Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland