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Alan Meldrum, A Frictionless Experience In a Disruptive World, #GYPSeminarSeries Part-2

Part 2, No Hiding Place with Social Media

In the second part of Alan Meldrum’s talk, ‘Frictionless Experience in a Disruptive World.’ Alan speaks about social media and how it’s changing the entire business landscape. He discusses the importance of companies being authentic and focussed on community building over targeted marketing. He goes on to explain why the companies that are most open, authentic and comfortably willing to ‘engage customers regardless of the other 34 million people in the room’ are those that are most likely to succeed with social media.

#GYPSeminarSeries ‘Frictionless Experience in a Disruptive World.’

Several months ago, Alan Meldrum, Global Vice-President for Strategy and Client Services of Percepta shared some wonderful ideas with the Glasgow Young Professionals audience about why – in an increasingly disruptive world it’s never been more important for businesses to deliver a frictionless stakeholder experience. It was the 4th part of a fabulous #GYPSeminarSeries hosted at SocietyM and Alan, as expected, was absolutely terrific in sharing his views in creating great customer and staff experiences. We were so happy with Alan that we asked him to do a follow-up talk in front of the camera and that camera was very kindly provided by Gylen of Boardman Media. At the loft, we share many of Alan’s values and we are definitely bought into his ideas in this series which we are delighted to support – huge thank you also to Gylen of Boardman Media for his exceptional production work.

What you are now watching is the first part of a new video series taking Alan Meldrum’s #GYPSeminarSeries online.

Huge thanks to everybody involved – The GYP team, Boardman Media, The Loft Team, The Percepta Team and most of all Alan Meldrum for his time and giving us such a wonderful insight into successful user-experiences.

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