Beeks FX VPS are one of the global leaders in Managed Virtual Private Servers for automated trading. A managed ‘VPS’ is a dedicated service supplied from a data centre allowing traders a quicker, more efficient and reliable solution for transactions. Beeks FX’s main business is to serve brokers who operate in the London Stock Exchange.

The organisation was acquiring a New York provider to expand their coverage and their management team wanted to design a new identity which would capture the values of the brand while building a more effective digital presence.

We were also asked to create a new explainer-video too.



We wanted to showcase all of the company’s strengths with this identity and this included using a lower-case and more dynamic ‘b’ for beeks, creating a continuous loop to show how the service actually works and inserting a hidden ‘map pin’ to highlight one of the more significant parts of the story – brilliant strategic positioning.

The data being fired out of a loop neatly shows the speed of their service and the same visual language is used throughout their website, which has a clean, straight-forward design displaying the service offered by the company in the simplest way possible.



The project was a tremendous success, the explainer video can be seen at

“The loft were instrumental in our re-branding exercise at Beeks FX, as we continue to grow our international business, they went above and beyond when working to a tight deadline. Our team enjoyed working with them, and it was a fun experience; however, threats of free Prosecco have yet to materialise!”

Gordon McArthur, CEO of Beeks FX VPS