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Poetry in metal


We had the chance last week to see something very special and unique: a behind the scenes look at how skilled fabricators make bespoke gates. We got an insight into how these big, strong and bold men turn raw metal into works of real beauty. Grand Gates make stunningly elegant work for their clients and I joined photographer Malcolm Cochrane and Eamon Cameron to take pictures in their workshop. This is a taste from Malcolm Cochrane’s work.


The company is based in Perth so we travelled in a ‘quintessentially Scottish’ morning to their warehouse to see where the welding takes place for our photos.


First comes first: Malcolm and Eamon had to do their checks – lighting, location angles, opportunities to be creative.


This is a very grey and cold place where real men are working with iron! Today, it was their turn to be models for the day with Malcolm and Eamon giving them specific instructions on where to stand and how to pose.


Jamie Doak the owner of Grand Gates was involved in the photo-shoots, a strong man not afraid of the camera, he wanted to show that no-one can hold a piece of raw metal as well as he can.




Malcolm was taking pictures of the workers and the beautiful details for hours without rest and I was taking pictures of him for hours without rest so no-one took a picture of me! So I had to take some selfies in the end but this is not the part of the story.

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Eamon was thinking about one thing the whole time: he only had three bananas for this long, long, long day and he had no idea how he was going to survive.


After a long day a miracle happened. The Sun came out. We now had amazing lighting for the shoot. Malcolm had a chance to take even more beautiful pictures with these new conditions. Even if it was a strange place on first sight; a grey warehouse with hundreds of dangerous machines, that we did not want to even touch. After a few hours we actually realised that the warehouse was rich with potential for taking beautiful pictures. We have never seen so many bright red, yellow and green lights in one place like here – even if the reason for these colours is to make sure that you have a greater chance of staying alive or to better see the hazardous objects dotted around this amazing warehouse.

I am Fruzsina Folfoldi, this has been my fun day at the metal warehouse, over and out…


A Budapest native, Fruzsi brings a healthy slice of European culture to the studio. A keen iconographer, she’s at her happiest when working on anything fun and illustrative. Radiating positivity, she loves nothing more than brewing up a green tea, grabbing an artisanal cupcake and browsing the latest in minimal style design.