Hello all…

We are delighted and very lucky to be welcoming talented Design Superstar Chris Newton to the loft for his internship.

photo 4

As is common practice. We thought we’d make him feel right at home by putting him directly under the spotlight and firing a load of questions at him…

Name? Chris Newton

Date of Birth? 07/08/87

College? Clyde College

Favourite Piece of Loft Work? (Only kidding, don’t answer that…)

Favourite Designer and why? Steven Simpson – ‘The good man inspired My Day of the Dead Website.’

Favourite Design Tool? It’s all about InDesign and pink pens.

Favourite Font? BEBAS

Tea or Coffee? Coffee please 🙂

Favourite Studio Music? The Black Keys or The Kills or The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Anything on X-FM really!

What do you want to be when you grow up? An Adult…

Chris has thrown himself right in at the deep end here at the loft. We look forward to working with him and getting to know him better…

Check his exceptional work out at