Lynkeos are a company which makes use of harmless background radiation to achieve passive inspection of shielded objects and structures – something that can be used in a variety of industries. We were delighted when they asked us to create an infographic which outlined the various uses of their technology, would be engaging to a wider audience and as easy to understand as possible for potential clients.


Lynkeos had a strong vision of the infographic design which allowed us to focus on exploring the most effective layouts possible. We decided on a landscape comprising of air, land, sea, and underground. Each ‘section’ would house miniature scenes showing where the technology is used. We decided on a minimal style to make the final graphic user-friendly, digestible and as an addition to the infographic, we created individual artwork scenes for Lynkeos to share on social media.


“What we do at Lynkeos is unique. We use naturally-occurring background radiation from cosmic rays to image inside lots of weird and wonderful things. We went to the loft with an idea to help explain to potential customers what our technology can do… and they brought it to life! The team at the loft has been an absolute pleasure to work with and the infographic they produced for us is truly out of this world. Cheers!”

Dr. David F. Mahon, Managing Director of Lynkeos