Alistair Walker Whisky


We were absolutely thrilled and delighted to be given the opportunity to work with Alistair Walker for the packaging design of his new whisky ‘Infrequent Flyers’ and the creation of his new brand ‘Alistair Walker Whisky.’ We had indirectly worked with Alistair for several years as he was one of the owners of BenRiach, before he and his father had sold the company to Brown Foreman.

Alistair would be creating an ‘independent bottling’ company with Alistair Walker Whisky and would be focussing more on rarer expressions. His first whisky ‘Infrequent Flyers’ would come in both single malt and single grain variations with a wide range of casks from different distilleries.


Alistair asked for a retro feel to his new whisky which we were more than happy to provide – we explored many ideas exploring items like postcards to old flight tickets but eventually settled on an illustration of a classic propellor aircraft flying over some mountains.

We created a range of other items for Alistair including a bespoke age statement, a wallpaper-like wraparound for the tube of the whisky and a crest-like logo for Alistair’s own brand himself.


A tremendous success, Infrequent Flyers is a real hit, particularly with real whisky lovers and we continue to work with Alistair to this day.

“Coming up with a design for both our company logo and our flagship brand (Infrequent Flyers) from scratch was no mean feat; The Loft were great to work with, both creatively and in terms of execution. They delivered an end-result that I am delighted with, and which many of our customers have been very complimentary towards. Importantly, their ‘after-sales’ service has also been exemplary – they are always happy to help with those little details.”

Alistair Walker, Founder of Alistair Walker Whisky