The Prince’s Trust Youth Business Scotland Growth Fund was a real enabler of growth for many of Scotland’s young entrepreneurs several years ago.

The statistics were impressive: ‘£31,000,000 of revenue from a £3,000,000 investment,’ ‘274 awards to 249 businesses’ and ‘over 400 new jobs created.’

The loft, having been one of the successful recipients of the fund, was asked to create something special to raise awareness of these impressive statistics for the organisation.


We worked closely with Evelyn McDonald and other businesses that were supported by ‘The Growth Fund.’

We initially brain-stormed ideas that we could use to build awareness of what was regarded by many in Scotland as ‘the first part of the Scottish Entrepreneurial Eco-System.’ During our discussions, it became apparent that the mentoring and peer-to-peer assistance was a significant part of the organisations’ tremendous success.

We used ‘the animal kingdom’ as the central theme to create an eye-catching infographic that would communicate tangible information as well as the underlying story of the Growth Fund and its achievements.


Digital and print versions of the ‘Welcome to the Eco-System’ infographic were created and distributed to existing members of the Growth Fund and Scotland’s Entrepreneurial Exchange. A digital campaign was also launched. The animal theme was loved by all.

“The loft is a delight to work with; the team are dynamic, creative and extremely likeable. A real pleasure to do business with and I am thrilled with the result!”

Evelyn McDonald, Head of Growing Businesses, Prince’s Trust Youth Business Scotland