It began in 2014 when BenRiach, a Speyside distiller of Scotch whisky, were looking to re-design their 10-Year-Old Single Malt. This was a significant project for the company and one, we are delighted to say, they entrusted to the loft team. The design was to be bold, premium and should establish a new visual identity for the brand in-line with the company’s anniversary.

The project was a huge success and the loft has continued to work with BenRiach on a number of packaging projects as well as providing marketing support since. The projects have ranged from the transformative BenRiach 10 to the Cask Strength (where we were asked to go all out and did) communicating the strength of the whisky as an exploding cask, the innovative Quarter Cask and most recently The Triple Distilled, which pushes the limits of what is possible with print packaging.

Each and every design bolder and more adventurous, in-line with a company that has recently been acquired by Brown-Forman. There have been other designs too and some – just like fine whisky sitting quietly away in the distillery – awaiting release. We have loved every minute in bringing each of these wonderful expressions to life and onto the shelves. Finally, we very much look forward to building on our relationship with BenRiach and all of its associated brands.


“The BenRiach 10-Years-Old is a key launch for us, as it marks a significant milestone; it is the first core range expression to be created predominantly from whiskies distilled at BenRiach since we took over in 2004. For this reason, we were looking for a striking new packaging design to reflect this important moment in the distillery’s history. We are delighted with the final result.”

Nicol Van Rijbroek, Ex-Marketing Manager of BenRiach

“What a wonderful result. For the BenRiach Cask Strength, it was really important for us that the design would be bold and imaginative. We were looking for a striking, memorable design that would take the brand, the range to the next level and we got it. We are delighted with the final outcome as well as the services provided by the loft.”

Louise Seaward, Global Innovation Manager for Brown-Forman