The Organg


Creating bold and imaginative campaigns which communicate difficult or challenging messages is one of the things we love doing most at the loft. So we were delighted to be given the opportunity to work with Obesity Action Scotland to help them raise awareness of the issues which accompany obesity in our society today. We were asked to create a new campaign which would be used in a range of different ways – including to lobby the Scottish Government – we were also asked to create a new eye-catching infographic.


An incredibly difficult challenge – at all times we wanted to create something which would communicate the main messages in a positive way. We presented a wide range of concept ideas, as part of a creative pitch, and were delighted that our Organg concept won the day. During our research, we had learned that the effects of obesity goes beyond obvious pressures on the heart, liver and gut, etc but can also extend to poorer eye-sight, mental fatigue of the brain, lungs which function less well, etc.

We humorously took the idea of over-worked organs and turned them each into different personas – the Organg was born. Bonnie Brain, Hamish The Heart, Gary Gut, etc. These overworked characters were joined by two larger foes Coswall Cancer and Devlin Diabetes.

To complete the overall presentation – we showcased these characters on campaign materials as Top Trump characters where we describe the risk of disease, status, etc to the individual. A beautiful idea which is stunningly captured in the infographic created as part of the overall campaign materials.


A tremendous result with everybody, including ourselves, being delighted with the final results.

“Obesity Action Scotland worked with the loft to develop a series of graphics aimed to deliver health messages. The whole process from presenting wide range of ideas to choose from, to narrowing down the concepts, to fine tuning the final product, was easy and enjoyable. the team was very professional, approachable and easy going with plenty of initiative. Working with the loft team was a pleasure, thank you!”

Dr Anna Strachan, Policy Officer of Obesity Action Scotland