The Organg


Obesity Action Scotland are an organisation which helps to promote healthier eating and lifestyle habits. They had been carrying out significant research, over several years and were looking to showcase their findings to the Scottish Government.

The main findings were that carrying extra weight had a negative effect on many different parts of people’s health – obviously the heart, lungs, stomach, etc but also unexpectedly on organs such as the brain and even eyes. There were also wider additional dangers such as with diabetes and cancer.

We were asked to create a memorable health campaign which would include an eye-catching infographic.


We presented many different ideas but eventually were asked to develop one of the more humorous concepts. ‘The Organg’ was a collection of over-worked organs each with their own personalities. Bonnie Brain, Hamish Heart and co were joined by nasty characters such as Devlin Diabetes, etc.

A range of materials were created including a ‘Top-Trumps’ inspired infographic.


A tremendous result.

“Obesity Action Scotland worked with the loft to develop a series of graphics aimed to deliver health messages. The whole process from presenting wide range of ideas to choose from, to narrowing down the concepts, to fine tuning the final product, was easy and enjoyable. the team was very professional, approachable and easy going with plenty of initiative. Working with the loft team was a pleasure, thank you!”

Dr Anna Strachan, Policy Officer of Obesity Action Scotland