Inspiring Scotland are a national charity working towards creating ‘a Scotland without poverty or disadvantage.’ One of their flagship programmes is ‘Cashback,’ a government-supported programme with the proceeds of crime being re-invested back into local communities. This helps to make a positive impact for disadvantaged young people. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to work with the organisation and ‘The Scottish Government’ on a new infographic to showcase the success of their programme.


We wanted to create something which made real, the very positive outcomes of ‘Cashback.’ We worked with the client to create a ‘sim-city’ style illustration of a Scottish neighbourhood with practical examples of the positive impact shown – new jobs, sports facilities, etc. This was combined with a slightly more formal presentation of other statistics and stories presented as high quality words and graphics. Great care was taken to integrate the two very different parts of the artwork effectively in the final piece.


The ‘Cashback’ infographic has been tremendously well-received by the team at Inspiring Scotland. It can be found framed on the walls of the Scottish Parliament while it has also been used by the organisation as parts of their wider marketing. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to work on a second infographic for ‘The 14:19 Fund’, another successful programme, just a few months later.