Inspiring Scotland are a Scottish-based charity that are working towards ‘a Scotland without poverty or disadvantage.’ Towards the end of 2017, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to work with them to help them bring two of their most powerful projects to life – ‘Cashback’ and ‘The 14:19 Fund.’

Cashback is a government-supported programme with the proceeds of crime being reinvested back into local communities to make a positive impact to the young people. The 14:19 Fund is a more targeted programme with an innovative venture philanthropy model being used to raise funds to help some of those young most people that most require support. We were asked to create a series of communications to bring both projects to life in the most powerful, vibrant and effective ways possible.


We decided to use infographics to highlight the success of both programmes. For Cashback – we created a ‘Sim-City’ style illustration which showcased each of the positive values and actions that have been developed by the people delivering the programmes. This was neatly integrated with a series of high-quality infographics bringing some of the more statistical data to life.

For the 14:19 Fund, we created a more illustrated infographic taking the viewer on a ‘5-stage journey’ of a young person moving towards a more positive destination including ‘Employment, Education & Training.’ Similarly, this design is complimented with a series of small infographics showcasing some of the main details of the fund.


Both infographics have been tremendously received by the team at Inspiring Scotland. The Cashback infographic now adorns the walls of the Scottish Parliament while both have been used by the organisation as parts of wider marketing campaigns.