The loft’s founder Benedetto is passionate about personal development. While sitting as a committee member for Glasgow Young Professionals (GYP) a few years back, he and the team had the idea of organising a set of seminars to feature some of the best business stars in Scotland. They would be free, made available to the entire membership and would be called the #GYPSeminarSeries


The loft played a huge part in the organisation of these events and were delighted to work with a series of outstanding speakers including Russell Wardrop, Alan Meldrum, Charlie Burton and one of Scotland’s leading entrepreneurs/philanthropists – Iain MacRitchie. The loft were responsible for the marketing of the events and created a series of effective social media campaigns featuring creative, art-directed photographs for each of the speakers. MacRoberts Solicitors, SocietyM and particularly The Clydesdale Bank in Glasgow (with their stunning St Vincent Street space) all kindly provided venues.


The seminars were a huge success, particularly the Clydesdale Bank events. The mini social media campaigns and the striking imagery played a real part too. Even the speakers benefited from being part of the process, with some of the ideas and themes used in the campaigns being adopted as part of their own marketing communications.