Glasgow Chamber of Commerce COP26


The loft have been proud members of The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce almost since the company was founded in 2012. We have worked together for several years on many different projects and are exceptionally close. With Glasgow being asked to be the host of The United Nations COP26 Climate Change Conference, the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce would play an incredibly significant role in welcoming delegates from all over the world.

So we were delighted to be given the opportunity to design a special COP26 skyline for the Chamber – we were asked to create a bespoke skyline which was similar in style to the Glasweigan version we collaborated on several years previous in the creation of the WeeG.



The new skyline was to include landmarks from all of countries who were principally participating in the conference – Norway, The United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, Germany, Australia, China, Canada, USA and Indonesia as well as a landmark for Glasgow (we chose the Hydro.)

We created bespoke icons for each of the landmarks and laid them out as part of a new COP26 Skyline, the backdrop was re-created to incorporate multiple themes of sustainability, nature and Glasgow itself with wind turbines, trees and even Nessie making an appearance in the illustration.

Several versions were created with the bold colours of the conference being alternated for different versions.



The illustration has been wonderfully well-received by everybody from The Chamber as well as their partners. The skyline is being used in a wide variety of communications throughout the conference (including on all digital communications) and will likely be used long after the conference is finished.

The loft is continuing its wonderful partnership with The Chamber of Commerce with several other creative projects awaiting release.

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