Glasgow Chamber of Commerce COP26


The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26 ) in 2021 was a significant event for the city of Glasgow, as well as for all of the various organisations in the city. The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, in particular, had an important role to play in welcoming delegates from all over the world, making them feel at home in our city.

We were delighted to be asked to help by designing a special COP26 graphic. We were asked to create something bold, which included all of the countries attending, and obviously tie in some of the main themes of the conference.


We wanted to create something which had real personality, and alongside the great folks at The Chamber, decided to create a bespoke COP26 skyline.

The skyline would include landmarks from all the countries who were coming to Glasgow. We created icons for each of the landmarks and laid them out in a line, the backdrop was re-created to incorporate multiple themes of sustainability emphasising the climate change message.

To add a little extra personality, Nessie was included to remind everybody of the host country.


The illustration has been wonderfully well-received by everybody from The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, as well as their partners.

“I’ve known Benedetto and the loft for the best part of 10 years and they positively brim with innovation, attention to detail and enthusiasm. They have a rare ability to turn creative outputs around very quickly and effectively. They intuitively understands us as clients and have been instrumental in creating one of our key identities and some vital member communications.”

Richard Muir, Deputy CEO of Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce