The summer of 2014 was a heady time for Glasgow – the city was celebrating its hosting of the Commonwealth Games, the Scottish Independence Referendum was a very live topic in the background and most significantly the city was going through a period of real economic success – a success that was mirrored by the Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce. The Chamber asked us to create an infographic that would provide an ‘at-a-glance summary’ of both success stories.


We decided to create a visually striking piece of work to entice the reader to learn more. We created an infographic made up of skyscraper buildings, with a tag-line of ‘Glasgow on the Rise’ to show the growth of Glasgow. Key statistics such as 4,250 people attending Chambers events, a 30% increase in mid-size company memberships and a 15% increase in Premium Partners were all highlighted to showcase success.


“It was a real pleasure to work with the team at the loft. They understood the brief instantly and were able to execute the infographic perfectly. It’s resulted in a really impactful piece of creative which forms a centre fold to our bi-monthly magazine and has been very well received by our readership.”

Richard Muir, Deputy Chief Executive of The Glasgow Chambers of Commerce