The summer of 2014 was a significant time for Glasgow, the city was celebrating the hosting of the Commonwealth Games, the Scottish Independence Referendum was a very live topic in the background and most significantly the city was going through a period of economic success. Success that was mirrored by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

We were delighted to be asked to create an infographic that would provide an ‘at-a-glance summary’ of these parallel success stories, the design would be featured as a centrepiece in ‘The Glasgow Business Magazine.’


We created a visually striking piece of work, something that would entice a reader to want to learn more. The infographic was made up of skyscraper buildings showing the growth of the city. The tagline ‘Glasgow on the Rise’ was used.

Key statistics such as 4,250 people attending Chambers events, a 30% increase in mid-size company memberships and a 15% increase in Premium Partners were all highlighted to showcase individual success stories. Great efforts were made to ensure that there was an appropriate balance between visual drama and important information being communicated to the reader.


“It was a real pleasure to work with the team at the loft. They understood the brief instantly and were able to execute the infographic perfectly. It’s resulted in a really impactful piece of creative which forms a centre fold to our bi-monthly magazine and has been very well received by our readership.”

Richard Muir, Deputy Chief Executive of The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce