The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce represents businesses throughout the city. Glasgow was going through a period of significant commercial and cultural success which was mirrored by the Chamber. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to create an infographic that would provide an ‘at-a-glance summary’ of this success with the final design to feature as a centrepiece in the prominent ‘Glasgow Business Magazine.’


We wanted a visual to describe the incredible growth experienced by both the city and the Chamber. We opted for a dramatic sky-scraper cityscape alongside the tagline ‘Glasgow On The Rise.’ Key statistics were all shown as distinctive infographics on the building cityscape as well as surrounding buildings. Great efforts were made to ensure that there was an appropriate balance between visual drama and important information being communicated to the reader.


“It was a real pleasure to work with the team at the loft. They understood the brief instantly and were able to execute the infographic perfectly. It’s resulted in a really impactful piece of creative which forms a centre fold to our bi-monthly magazine and has been very well received by our readership.”

Richard Muir, Deputy Chief Executive of The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce