Altia Solutions are a rapidly growing software company based in Scotland. They serve a number of organisations both nationally and internationally, to help investigators achieve greater efficiency, productivity and accuracy with their investigations.

The company was looking for a new professionally designed, informative and ‘on-brand’ product brochure. A document that would help with the sales process and improve the quality of presentation of both the company and its products.


We showcased each of the products on individual spreads and used a series of words – like an elevator pitch – to introduce them. We broke down the sub-brand identities to demonstrate what each element of the product does and included user benefits and key testimonials too.

We were asked to show that Altia have a solution for all investigator requirements so we used the front cover and positioned each of the various identities in a large circle with the Altia brand at the centre and the words ‘When The Results Matter’ underneath.

With a special spot UV front cover finish, for a super high-quality look and feel, this carefully crafted brochure has an exceptional finish.


We’re very proud of the final results as were Altia.

“Working from the ground up and engaging everyone at Altia, the entire team at the loft have built a strong understanding of our business which they apply to new projects, subsequently presenting the end product remarkably quickly and accurately. Long may our collaboration continue.”

Paul Miller, Sales Manager of Altia Solutions