Percepta is a customer experience company operating worldwide. They work mainly in the automotive sector providing customer journey mapping, call-centre services and training.

They were looking for a new website to help prospective and existing clients learn more about their offerings, the additional value of composite services and the bespoke approach they use for different projects.

Features such as website responsiveness, elegant presentation of case-studies and an on-site translation were all deemed critical to the success of the project.



The presentation of Percepta’s service offerings was key. We categorised the different offerings into suites before creating a beautiful and visually eye catching graphic for each service.

Stunning composite graphics were produced for combined services and the imagery selected for the rest of the site is strong, vibrant, and contemporary.

We agreed that telling stories about customer service experiences would be crucial so we commissioned a series of detailed case studies that would demonstrate the ‘frictionless customer service’ championed by the organisation.



Percepta recognised the new website as a huge step forward in terms of functionality, user friendliness and visual impact. They were particularly happy with the responsive versions of the site.

“For me, the success of our new website stems from the loft’s ability to capture the essence of what Percepta does and tell our story to the wider marketplace. Our core strength lies in creating seamless experiences for our Clients’ customers, and in working with the brilliant Michelle, we were able to demonstrate this through a series of captivating and eloquently written case studies. Overall, a great experience, and a fantastic new website!”

Lindsay Morrison, Global Marketing Manager of Percepta (at the time of project launch.)