Percepta are a US-based company with offices worldwide. They help their clients deliver better customer experiences and work mainly in the automotive sector. The organisation provides a wide range of services including customer journey mapping, dealer-training, call-centre support, etc. They were looking for a new website to help prospective (and existing) clients learn more about what they do, the additional value of their composite services and impressive track-record. They particularly wanted the site to appeal to people outside the automotive community.


The project was broken into three parts – freshening up the way the company’s presented online, communication of composite services and showcasing of impressive case-studies. All of the organisation’s images and graphics were thoughtfully selected to communicate the company’s brand style, the importance of people and data-led approach. Services were carefully categorised with composite icons created and a library of well-written case-studies were produced and made available on the new site.


Percepta recognised the new website as a huge step forward , they were particularly happy with the responsive versions of the site.

“For me, the success of our new website stems from the loft’s ability to capture the essence of what Percepta does and tell our story to the wider marketplace. Our core strength lies in creating seamless experiences for our Clients’ customers, and in working with the brilliant Michelle, we were able to demonstrate this through a series of captivating and eloquently written case studies. Overall, a great experience, and a fantastic new website!”

Lindsay Morrison, Global Marketing Manager of Percepta