Drink Baotic


Drink Baotic is a dairy free, gluten free, pre-biotic drink based on the ‘Baobab’ super-fruit. The drink has a distinctive taste coming in four unique flavours and is packed with nutrients which are exceptional for ‘gut health.’ Company founders, Paul and Isatou, work closely with communities in ‘The Gambia’ where the fruit comes from. We were asked to create a new packaging design, updated identity design and revised brand theme.



We wanted to capture the beauty of Gambian culture in a contemporary way. We created a distinctive Baotic pattern consisting of traditional marks but re-interpreted for the drink. The identity was updated with the t and i of ‘Baotic’ re-formatted as a Gambian mother touching her child’s head. Finally, all of the materials were re-purposed for social media, etc. There was also a wide range of additional packaging solutions.


Everybody involved was delighted with the final results. Most importantly, Paul and Isatou, have been on an incredible journey since the release of the product – they’ve met Sir Richard Branson and Richard Reed, the Founder of Innocent Smoothies. Both seem to be fans of the brand we’ve co-created. The company have won a wide range of awards and have been featured nationally and internationally for their success.