Drink Baotic


Paul and Isatou, were two very special people with a very special project. They were founders of a new company called ‘Hippo & Hedgehog’ and were in the process of bringing their breakthrough new product ‘Drink Baotic’ to market. Drink Baotic is a new African-inspired drink which originates from the Baobab tree in The Gambia, it has a unique flavour but more importantly and because of the ’superfood’ properties of Baobab – a multitude of health benefits – it is a pre-biotic drink, dairy free, gluten free, packed with nutrients and exceptional for ‘gut health.’

The company itself was incredibly interesting with both Paul and Isatou working closely and giving back to the communities of The Gambia. We were asked to create a new brand theme, identity design and packaging designs for 4 flavours of Drink Baotic – Original, Banana, Orange and Strawberry.


The loft team were thrilled with the opportunity to create such an exciting new brand – many, many visual and cultural themes were explored but there was a real emphasis on a ‘modern African’ theme. We wanted to capture the beauty and novelty of African culture but in a contemporary way – so we studied fine-art, textiles, even modern interpretations of ancient scribes to properly embed ourselves in the Gambian culture.

We eventually used a combination of traditional marks but re-interpreted in a modern way to develop the Drink Baotic visual identity – each mark was symbolic of something to do with the culture of Drink Baotic such as the ingredients of the drink or its benefits to customers, etc.

The identity was conceived as a painted interpretation of the words ‘BAOTIC’ with the t and i being abstractly re-interpreted as a mother touching her child on their face. Finally, all of the materials were re-formatted for a wide range of further uses for digital, social media, etc. There has been a wide range of new packaging designs created too.


Everybody involved was delighted with the final results. Most importantly, Paul and Isatou, who as you can see have been on quite a journey since the release of the product – they’ve met the unmistakable Founder of Virgin, Sir Richard Branson and Founder of Innocent Smoothies too – Richard Reed. Both who also seem to be fans of the brand we’ve co-created.

The company has gone from strength-to-strength since we worked together, winning a range of awards and being featured nationally for their successes.
At the loft, we are delighted with the final design, and a special thanks must be given to Marek Brol who led this project with distinction.