We were thrilled and delighted to be given the opportunity to pitch and eventually win some creative work for the BBC. All our clients are wonderful in different ways, but there was something rather special about being given the opportunity to work with ‘Aunty.’

We were asked by BBC Scotland to look at ways to raise awareness about smartphone privacy for younger people (particularly younger teenagers.) We currently live in a time where various companies have unprecedented levels of access into our lives through our smartphones and this presents challenges, in particular, to younger people.


We were given a wide range of stories, examples and facts into how smartphone devices, digital channels and social media platforms make use of our data and we were asked for creative ways to bring that information to life in ways that would appeal to a younger audience. We carried out a wide range of research and creative exploration – creating a number of different storyboards – around some of the examples given.

Alongside the team at the BBC Scotland, we came up with what was almost a comic script with the smartphone being shown as a ‘baddy’ in a range of compromising scenes – we had Mister/Mrs Smartphone swimming in money, shamelessly selling merchandise and brewing ingredients in a cauldron. All excellent for generating awareness but in a fun way. The scenes were constructed using the ‘BBC Own It’s’ unique typeface and building on the graphic style they kindly provided us with.


A tremendous result. BBC Scotland were delighted with the final results which was used as part of a campaign throughout their website and social media channels. The development of the characters and the use of human smartphones has been carried on by the organisation and are currently used to this day too.