BBC ‘Own It’ gives advice to teenagers about ‘bossing their lives online.’ Large companies currently have unprecedented levels of access into the lives of young people through digital devices. BBC Scotland asked us to look at ways to raise awareness about smartphone privacy for the young people who use their site.


We wanted something that was fun and memorable. Alongside the team at BBC Scotland, we came up with a customised comic script showing a smartphone as a bad actor/actress in a range of compromising scenes. We had Mister/Mrs Smartphone as Sherlock homes tracking your every move, as a security steward not letting you in without your e-mail address, as a salesperson shamelessly selling merchandise on your social channels. All fun ways to generate awareness. The illustrations were personalised to suit the BBC Own It brand style.


A tremendous result. BBC Scotland were delighted with the final visuals which were used throughout their website and social channels. The use of smartphone characters has been carried on by the organisation who continue to use this style of illustration to this day.