Levy & McRae are one of Scotland’s longest-standing, most respected and well-known legal firms with a reputation for excellence in litigation. Over the last 140 years, the firm has acted and continues to act in many of the largest, high profile and most complex cases which have come before the Scottish Courts.

We were delighted to be given the opportunity to work with the organisation on the design of a new brand identity. The identity would forecast a number of changes to the company including a new management team, a move to new premises, and revised priorities moving forward.


We wanted an image which would be professional, meaningful and interesting yet understandable. A symbol which could be understood by clients and staff alike. After presenting multiple options – the Levy & McRae team liked the idea of them acting as a beacon of help for people in distress so the symbol of a light house most resonated.

The loft team subsequently went to great lengths to ensure that the light house theme would be communicated in the most interesting way possible and many developments were explored with the final version being captured as a plan-view with the light reflections being formed to create a cohesive and strong identity.


We were delighted with the final results as were Levy & McRae. The identity heralded a new era for the firm and they currently use it to this day.