Altia, Earning Client Loyalty


Altia are an international software company which helps investigators deliver more efficient investigation work, they were looking for ways to increase license sales of their software packages. As the long-standing creative partner of Altia, we decided to try something different, instead of using promotional campaigns to close more sales, we decided to explore building good will with the existing customer/user base.

We worked closely with Altia’s technical team to create a series of email campaigns introducing their users to a new software feature each week. We had found that most users were only using a limited number of features of the software. The emails had no sale language, promotions or Calls-To-Action. As it turned out, selflessly providing information to help users proved to be tremendously effective in buying good will with the existing client-base. Feedback was incredibly positive which was reflected in significantly increased license-renewals over the following 12 months. The campaign was repeated over a number of years.

“Working from the ground up and engaging everyone at Altia, the entire team at the loft have built a strong understanding of our business which they apply to new projects, subsequently presenting the end product remarkably quickly and accurately. Long may our collaboration continue.”

Paul Miller, Sales Manager of Altia Solutions