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PMA Recruitment Services are a new Glasgow-based recruitment company which puts positive mental health and the well-being of its people at the heart of its offering to the market. The organisation was set-up by Co-Founders Craig and Ashleigh and they were launching with a specialist focus for trade-people in the construction sector.

The loft was asked to create a new brand for the company which included identity design, print stationary, brochures and the design of a new website. The website was to build on the theme of the brand, it should continue the impactful introduction that the company was looking to make in the marketplace and it should also have certain functional aspects such as up-to-date job listings and an application form where candidates could upload their details.


The loft team broke the project into several phases – the first phase was to ensure that there was quality content for PMA Recruitment Services to use on their site, the second phase would be to design and build a site which was in-line with the brand created and the final phase was the build and implementation of items such as the jobs-page and application form.

The loft worked with commercial photographer Stuart Nicol to create a beautiful suite of art-directed photography that could be used on the website (as well as for other creative projects) – we attended a live construction site and captured a range of pictures of PMA recruits working on their tasks including a lovely impromptu picture of their team having a laugh with their branded high-visibility gear on.

All of the content was put together and used to form the new site which was built with WordPress. The dark grey-yellow colour combination from the main brand was maintained as were the dramatic fonts from the identity project. Also, a bespoke WP Form was created for the technically complex application form for candidates while certain measures such as service lists, Google Reviews and CDNs were all used to enhance the Search Engine Friendliness of the site.



The site has been a massive success with many paying tribute to its style, how it has continued the brand image and also the functionality involved. The loft have been able to work with PMA Recruitment Services on a number of projects since the launch of the site and look forward to collaborating with them for many years to come.

“Should you need any support with branding, website design or modern ideas for your business, we would totally recommend the loft and their professional team.”

Craig Kenny, Co-Founder of PMA Recruitment Services

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