Tradeprint is a national print company which provides a high-quality, customer-friendly and bespoke printing service to a wide range of clients throughout the UK and beyond. The company has grown rapidly over the years with several facilities in Scotland, England and Wales. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to work with them when they were looking to create a campaign to bring their brand to life in line with the new company website.


The loft did a lot of research on where Tradeprint added value and one of the most powerful parts of their offering was their ability to deliver a highly artisan service but with the efficiency and reliability of more mainstream suppliers. We found this was due, in no small part, to their exceptional ‘print coaches.’ Seasoned professionals with a real knowledge of both the print processes and the customer themselves.

We noted that they had an almost awesome ability to shape their service to the needs of each and every client. ‘The People Behind Print’ was born. We captured a series of evocative black and white photographs of the coaches with a range of poses showing the serious and fun sides of their personalities. The idea was beautifully brought to life even further when we got a box of Tradeprint print materials and printed the different expressions of the print-coaches on them and animated it.


Everybody was delighted with the results – the final images for both the staff portraits and the images of them on print materials have been used throughout the company’s marketing. This includes print advertisements, website landing pages, social media and other digital communications. The creation of a video showing the transition of one of the print coaches from serious to funny facial expressions and back again was one of the project highlights.