‘Quality of life for people in today’s society is undoubtedly affected by their level of Digital Enablement.’

These were the words of Stuart Macdonald, Managing Director of Seric Systems.

‘Uploading a CV,’ ‘speaking to relatives on Skype’ or ‘purchasing products online’ are some of the many actions that are taken for granted by the majority of us all.

Seric Systems, alongside their partners IBM were looking to address this problem by collaborating with a range of organisations from the private/public and third sectors to unleash ‘a virtuous cascade of volunteering’ to collectively help digitally enable a group of people that are uncomfortable with technology in today’s society.


We worked closely with Seric Systems and IBM to create an infographic. We were inspired by a Scotland where every citizen is digitally enabled and the final infographic is divided into a number of sections that highlight the nature of the problem and the steps that can be taken.

You can see the full infographic here.


The final visual has been produced in both digital and print formats and was used to lobby the Scottish Government to introduce a formal accreditation for people to be digitally enabled.

“I really like the loft, their understanding of the brief, level of creativity, and quality of work have all impressed me. They are also a good bunch and are very easy to work with.”

Stuart Macdonald, Managing Director of Seric Systems