Petroleum Experts (PETEX) provide engineering solutions through software products for the oil & gas sector. Their digital tools are used by production companies throughout the world and we were delighted to be the first creative company to work with them in over 20 years. We were asked to design ‘a visual representation somebody in Timbuktu could understand’ for their Digital Oil Field software.


We wanted to create something simple and memorable that an ordinary person could understand. Several concepts were explored in great detail before the client decided on the idea of a telescope with the 5 layers of the software acting as lens to give their clients ‘a clearer view’ of the commercial potential of their oil-field asset. A secondary advert was produced with a desert-based oil-field. The adverts were used widely in print publications, the Petex website and other marketing communications.


The client was delighted with the final result. We even received a glass paperweight, featuring the new ad, given at PETEX’s 25th Anniversary dinner.

“The team at the loft created an image that visually captured the remit we set – our business, our industry sector and a technology message – in a visually attractive way. Their team spent quality time with us to understand the spirit of what we wanted to be captured and then, through several iterations, came up with the final images which we are very satisfied with. These images are used in publications, product brochures and on our website”

James Woodrow, Petroleum Experts Limited