ESG European Institute


The ESG European Institute in Rome represents organisations throughout Italy and the EU. The institute celebrates best practices in ESG (Environmental | Social | Governance,) informs larger companies of new legislation and how to make the transition to more ESG compliant reporting. With the announcement of the significant ‘CSRD’ legislation by the EU in April 2021, Vice President Letizia Macrí asked the loft to create an infographic to communicate legislation updates to members. Letizia asked that the infographic had an uplifting theme as well as being instructive.


The loft team decided to include a dramatic illustration which previewed the possible benefits of the work the ESG Institute. We modified a stock illustration showcasing a modern cityscape with many of the elements of a more sustainable future – wind turbines, solar panels, etc. A number of measures were taken to ensure that the vast amount of information could fit on the design as efficiently and effectively as possible. Final versions were produced in both Italian and English.



A wonderful result. We continue to collaborate with both the Institute and particularly Vice-President Letizia Macrí.

“We were honoured to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Benedetto and the loft. Benedetto is a person of the highest intellectual level and he and his team are magically able to translate words and concepts into art.”

Letizia Macrí, Vice President of ESG Institute Europe