Altia Solutions (now Altia-ABM,) are a rapidly growing software company which helps investigators save time, increase productivity and improve the accuracy of their investigations. They are UK-based with customers all over the world. We were asked to create a new set of sub-brand identities for their software products while finding a way to showcase their benefits to prospective customers.


We created a series of sub-brands which were designed to look like data but with a unique story relating to each of the products – these included transforming data, cleaning data, linking data and linking police data. We used special patterns to highlight the differences of each of the products.


The sub-brands were used for many years on many of Altia and subsequently Altia-ABM’s marketing communications – they have recently been updated for a third time in-line with the company’s current brand.

“In developing the product branding, the loft talked with all the staff and came up with individual product brand designs that reflect the differing properties of the software yet are linked in their overall theme. We are very pleased with the result and proudly include them on all information sent out of the company.”

Ian Watson, CEO of Altia-ABM (previously known as Altia Solutions)