Introducing Jamie Mclean

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It’s that time again where we get to welcome outrageously talented new design staff to the loft.

This time we are delighted to have #DesignSuperstarNo4 Jamie McLean join us to replace Alejandro.

A man with rockstar good looks and with the guitar to match, we are sure that Jamie will add some real personality to the party…

Find out a bit more about Jamie below…

Name? Jamie McLean

Date of Birth? 18/06/1991

College/Uni? City of Glasgow

Favourite Piece of Loft Work? We real should stop asking that….

Favourite Designer and why? “I love the work of Graphical House for its simplicity.”

Favourite Design Tool? “I like my gridded patterns and keeping everything neat and tidy.”

Favourite Font? He really didn’t want to say this but we coaxed “Helvetica” from Jamie. We believe he thinks it’s “a timeless classic.”

Tea or Coffee? “Partial to both, but prefer coffee”

Favourite Studio Music? “Bit of a mix – Blues, Rock and Roll, Funk and soul music likes Otis Redding…”

What do you want to be when you grow up? “I want, one day, to be the CEO of a big design firm in New York.”

Another tall one joining the team. We love people who want to reach for the stars and Jamie is definitely one of those people. In his short stint he has already met a NASA astronaut has shown us some of his outrageous talent with his work on the front cover of the new E-Book ‘Your Brand Squared.”

Your Brand Squared Front Cover

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