Exciting Times

Hi folks, it is indeed exciting times here at the Loft with a new addition to our client portfolio, social media week, our violence of the new project and the completion point of a range of projects coming closer.

The Team Sub-Brand

We are delighted to welcome Nadia De Marco of “The Team” to the Loft for the design of her sub-brand ‘Wonder Weightloss.’ Nadia’s health and fitness company is about assisting people to get into great shape in a healthy way. No crash dieting or crazy weight loss programmes but honest realistic exercise and diet control that is both achievable and enjoyable.

Nadia has already laid the foundation of a very personable and human brand with her efforts thus far. We look forward to working with her in bringing a great programme to life through its branding and communications.

One funny part of the week was telling Nadia of my own urge to indulge in ‘pain au chocolate’ or muffins after a heavy gym session. Well it turns out that the personal trainer is indeed human, texting me on Tuesday night to confess that she was in a chip shop of all places and couldn’t resist some chips. Nadia has also been accompanying me to the banter recently, luckily as well as being an exceptional PT, she is also great conversation. So if you see her, pop bye and say hello… Or check her out on twitter @thedemarco

Aperture Marketing

It has given us real pleasure recently to work with Aperture Marketing in assisting them to create their banners and publicity material for the B2B show in Edinburgh. Brian Canavan of Aperture Marketing was amongst the speakers and gave a very insightful seminar on marketing. You can find out more about Aperture Marketing on Twitter @aperturemarket

Freak Dem, Coffeze & Making Trax

We recently confirmed that we were delighted to be working with Making Trax, Freak Dem and Coffeze. All three projects are close to completion and we look forward to presenting them to you very soon.

Making Trax is a travel company in the process of being set up by Nicole Scott. We have been lucky enough to design the website and branding for Making Trax and we look forward to unveiling it soon. You can check out Making Trax on twitter @Making Trax Ltd

Coffeze by Jonny Peyton shall be Scotland’s first drive thru coffee shop. We are very much looking forward to presenting the new Coffeze website, once the new store is open. Check out Coffeze on Twitter @coffeze

And finally Freak Dem by Raschique Narwan. Freak Dem is a fashion label with a difference, doing more than just designing clothes, they are building a movement that will also help build communities through the sharing of positive values. Its a great pleasure working with Raschique too, very much the social entrepreneur, she is always good fun and the Loft truly appreciates some fantastically positive tweets this week. Her branding is almost complete and we are over the moon with it so far, so we very much look forward to showing this soon. Follow Raschique, her brand FreakDem and some very colourful tweets on twitter @ChiqueFreak

Violence of the New!

The Loft made good progress this week on its new facebook mini-sites, e-newsletter system and mobiles sites, being co-developed with Aillum Marketing. The majority of the design and concept work has been completed and we look forward to developing our own versions of each product before being able to offer them to our clients. Aillum are a really great company worth checking out in more detail on twitter… @Aillum Ltd

Social Media Week

This week, the Loft met once again with both Daniela and Tim of Twintangibles to discuss the plans for Social Media Week. We are still at the draft stage of our own plans but we can now say that the event we host will be a celebration of both creativity and social media and the way both can be married to do something special. Once we have finalised our event plans, we will be seeking collaboration and assistance from all our fans, followers and associates on social media. We are hoping to announce our plan in full detail next week.

One issue that became very apparent from both Tim and Daniela was that this is Glasgow’s Social Media Week. They want as many companies as possible, old and new, large and small, to engage with the values of Social Media. Which include the potential for collaboration and the ability to communicate globally with ease. There is a real potential for some great events and the organisers want as many people as possible to engage. Check out Social Media Week at http://socialmediaweek.org/glasgow/

Finally Twintangibles, themselves, are offering some very interesting course themselves, including one this week on Crowdfunding and Social Media. Check out the slides from the course below or to find out more about Twintangibles at http://twintangibles.co.uk/resources/

Inspirational Type

Finally, we were taken aback by some truly beautiful posters which made a creative use of typography.Iironically, we particularily liked this one on Crowd Sourcing. Check the rest of them out at…http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/02/25/breathtaking-typographic-posters/

Have a great week folks…


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