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Hi folks, well I guess the title says it all. One of the very nicest things about being in business is the fact that as a good company, you are generally invited to lots of events. Most of the events tend to come with complimentary food and drinks and are usually attended by other great businesses. Loosely, it could be described as networking, and therefore work, not jollies, but that might be open to interpretation. Whether they are work or not, they are great fun and you tend to meet a lot of great people and find out about their businesses too.

This has been one such week… We are making great progress on all our clients projects, but we’ll talk more about that next week….

Social Media Week -The Meet

As we’ve already said. Social Media Week is coming to Glasgow in early September. The organisers Twintangibles, have already stated their desire for as many businesses to get involved as possible to host an event- regardless of size and what they do. So Wednesday night saw the First Meet Up of for participating companies at the Lansdowne in Glasgow. A bar that has already became fully synonymous with social media with their hosting of the quarterly tweet-ups.

The SMW meet up was really a great night, lots of great people from exciting businesses all gathered and shared their ideas for Social Media Week. It was actually interesting to meet some newer businesses such as Rory from ‘Digital Website’ who actually have social media at the heart of their actual business plans. It goes to show that the next generations of entrepreneurs actually plan to take social media to the next level.

The night was fantastically hosted by Tim and Daniela of Twintangibles who once again demonstrated their knowledge of the subject and its potential to achieve great things. Starting with Social Media Week in Glasgow.

One amusing point of the evening was telling my new friends about my dilemma in choosing a new phone and finding that almost every one of the other 10-15 people had their Apple (mostly I-Phone4s) on the table. A phone that I have contemplated buying for a while, safe in the knowledge that it is easily the best phone on the market. But just cant seem to bring myself to purchasing. Dont know why? What is amusing is that I cant believe that my old Blackberry Bold, one of the most corporate phones on the market, is now a symbol of individuality.

A great night though and fantastic to meet lots of great people. The Loft will be getting involved in social media week and we had subsequent discussions later this week. So we look forward to announcing something soon.

Blackberry Playbook

As I just stated, I have a thing about Apple. One such thing being the way that they have almost bullied Flash off of the internet by refusing to implement it in their products. The I-Phone being one particular case due to the size of a smartphone, Blackberry doesn’t have Flash either on its phones. But the decision to not implement it in the i-pad was a threshold moment. One that has severely damaged Flash as a company and a web-presence. Flash isn’t perfect as a technology, but to this date, it remains the one piece of software that can enable a designer to do things visually that no other software can do.

As I have already said, Flash isnt perfect but its treatment by Apple has been shabby to say the least. So it gave me great amusement to see Blackberry actually using the benefits of Flash to sell its new I-Pad competitor, the Playbook and subtly undermine Apple’s position in the process. So pistols have been drawn, it will be interesting to see how this battle turns out. Although it is great to see Flash through Blackberry fight back!


Business Banter every Thursday morning is always a great event. This week was no different but one of the more interesting things was Jacky who filmed a number of people talking about Glasgow on film. You can check out the video below…


Later on Thursday, I had the pleasure to attend SocietyM’s opening night at the new Citizen M Hotel. A fantastic night in an absolutely incredible new place. I have never seen so many pieces of inspirational pieces of furniture and design classics in one place. One of the really cool things about the night was the little complimentary gadget ‘Poken’ given to all guests.

The event has already been suitably covered by Tim of Twintangibles, so if you’d like to find out more about the event and poken, check out…


or to see more about Society M, check out their facebook page… http://www.facebook.com/SocietyM

Venitaly Wine Tasting

Finally, earlier this evening, I had the great pleasure to attend Venitaly’s first official wine tasting in Largs. Venitaly, are a company that imports quality Italian wine to Scotland. Venitaly are a very new company and are in the process of developing a website and web-presence as we speak. We will let you know all of the details as we have them. The evening was a great success as we tasted a number of good quality wines, the Pecorino being a particular favourite. As I said at the beginning, all in the name of work.

Have a great week folks…


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