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Hello folks…

Well its been a bit manic and a lot of our stuff is still in boxes, but the Loft, finally moved into its new home at Bothwell Street, last week. We have only just got the studio operational (there are even still some issues with phone lines,) but we are thrilled with the potential of our new home. The Mercantile Chambers building is absolutely beautiful, complete with marble walls and beautifully decorative fixtures and fittings. Furthermore, the new facilities are going to be first rate.

We have some big plans to properly make sure that our new space has itself been designed with soul. These will be done step by step in the next couple of months. There is also likely to be a launch party so keep your eyes peeled for that.

New Clients

In the last couple of weeks, we have made agreements to design brand identities and websites for a range of exciting new clients.

Coffeze, led by Jonny Peyton, will be providing Glasgow’s first official coffee drive through in Dennistoun. They have secured the site and will be soon providing coffees and snacks to thousands of Glasgow’s commuters. We are convinced that the project is really going to take off and are delighted that we will be designing the next Coffeze website, which should be with you in around a months time. In the meantime, check them out on twitter @Coffeze

Freak Dem is a new fashion label with a difference. This is no flight of fancy, FreakDem will be doing more than just designing clothes, they are very heavily involved in using their clothes and associated events to build a positive urban community with positive values. They intend to build their brand to do tremendous good to those that need it most. Whilst designing a range of clothes that are cool, contemporary and cutting edge.

We very much look forward to working with Raschique Narwan on the Freak Dem brand identity, she’s great fun and has a real vision for doing something positive and different. Follow Raschique on Twitter to follow the adventure @ChiqueFreak

We are also delighted to be working closely with Brian Canavan and Aperture Marketing on a range of things including the development of his own brand. But firstly, the banners for his appearance at the Edinburgh business2business show. Aperture’s real strength is their ability to help its clients select, develop and focus their marketing strategies to produce a coherent vision in a complex sector. You can find Brian and Aperture Marketing at @aperturemarket

We are also continuing our ongoing relationship with PSYBT of Glasgow by assisting them with their elevator brand which this month included the custom design of their Twitter Home Page. Check it out @PSYBT_GLASGOW

Finally we are hoping to confirm another very exciting branding and website design project next week. One of which is very top-secret. So mum’s the word for now.

Nadia De Marco

it was a real pleasure to meet Nadia De Marco recently. Nadia has some big plans for her personal training company ‘The Team.’ We hope to be working very soon with Nadia on her company’s new website. To check out the existing website, visit… http://www.theteamforlife.com/Site_2/Welcome.html

PSYBT Elevator2

Wednesday saw the 2nd instalment of the excellent Elevator series. This really was a memorable night. The evening, hosted exceptionally by Sarah Scase, and aided by Gina Martin and Emma Fitzpatrick.

Firstly, it was great to see so many old friends. Jeff Horner of Go-Group, Gordon Lundie of Logic of 8 Design, Nicole Scott of Making-Trax, Daniela Castrataro of Twintangibles, Joe of JoeMBlair Photography. And new friends too – Nisha Haq, Nadia De Marco and Raschique Narwan of Freak Dem.

But also that Katie Anderson of KTBlogs gave an absolutely exceptional talk on social media. You can find out more about Katie’s business at http://www.katieandersonblogs.com/ The event was attended by Sir Tom Hunter and I was very fortunate to meet two other exceptional creatives- The exceptionally gifted Andy Murray of Andy Murray Designs who’s recent achievements include being able to use vac-forming to bend wood – a fantastic innovation.

And one of many ideas he has pursued. Check his business out at http://www.andymurraydesign.com/

And also one of the more stylish chaps of the evening. Frank To, complete with an elegant cross-knitted tailored blazer. An incredibly gifted artist and lovely guy too. See his brilliant work at http://www.franktofineart.com/

All in all, a fantastic night and another great success for PSYBT Glasgow. Looking forward to event no3.

#SMU 2 & Social Media Week

Another significant event this week was Social Media Unleashed 2 by Twintangibles. Twintangibles, once again with NewMediaCorp were responsible for putting on a great event at the Glasgow Light House. The event was attended by significant numbers and remarkably the twitter has tag #SMU2 was actually trending for Glasgow at one point.

The theme this time was the potential and power of Crowd-Sourcing/Funding. A really great topic ably discussed by a range of guest speakers from companies such as Dell.

One interesting part of the evening was the Skype Link-up with New York for Social Media Week on September the 19th which Twintangibles are co-hosting. You can find details of the presentations given from the Twintangibles website at http://twintangibles.co.uk/events/smu2/ And see pictures at http://joemblair.com/photos.php?set=72157626939325152 All in all, a great night and another fantastic achievement for Tim and Daniela of Twintangibles. I thoroughly recommend you check them out on Twitter @twintangibles to learn more about Social Media.

The message from Thursday was clear. Social Media Week is Glasgow’s and they want as many companies, big or small, involved as possible. So get involved folks. Our own view is that the potential of social media knows no bounds -we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface, there are limitless possibilities.

We’ll be discussing social media week in more detail in the next couple of months. We are hoping to be involved too, but more about that another time…

Jim Henderson, Martin Jack & Brian Tait

Finally, I thought I’d give a special mention and thank you to some great people we have been dealing with a lot recently.

Jim Henderson has been a tremendous source of support and inspiration in recent times, we are thankful for the time he has invested into the Loft and look forward to working closer with him soon. Learn more… @JimatShirlaws

Martin Jack. I think the business community of Glasgow cannot thank Jackie enough for business banter or #TDBB. It is one of the most loved and well attended networking events in the city and we’ll be doing a full feature on it soon. Check Jackie’s company, Think Different at http://www.thinkdifferentevents.co.uk/ Thank you Jackie…

And finally Brian Tait. Brian is a close friend of the Loft, in terms of online marketing, we think he is one of the very best. We are developing our new ‘violence of the New’ projects with Brian and look forward to collaborating with him for a long time. Find out more at http://www.aillum.com/

Have a great week folks…


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