‘ABM Intelligence, creating a new brand DNA’

Scottish Investigation software provider Altia Solutions merged with Covert Intelligence Systems provider ABM in 2016. As part of an effort to assist ABM – we were asked to create a new brand for the Nottingham-based company. The new brand would be more than a simple graphical exercise with our team being asked to create something that would completely encapsulate the company’s culture. A decision was made to change the name of the company to ‘ABM Intelligence’ and to create a set of values and mission that would help to identify who the company is and where it was going. The loft team interviewed every single member of the ABM team – including both technical and commercial teams – looking to identify common ideas and shared values. The insights were massively interesting – what we found was a company that was very proud of its roots in supporting law-enforcement activities, one that was looking to build proper customer-focussed solutions and always looking to be ahead of a game where new legislation is a common occurrence. The values were presented to the entire ABM team and have since been encapsulated in a range of communications – everything from a poster on the office walls to a slide on their pitch presentations to being used in conversation by their staff when presenting the company to others.

What The Client Said…

“The loft helped us to create a new brand after our merger in 2016. They went to great lengths to talk to everybody in the company, they were always responsive with changes and both the identity and cultural aspects of the new brand have been a great help to us in re-positioning the organisation and getting our message across. We very much enjoyed working with them, highly recommended.”

Paul Hardman, Business Relationship Manager of ABM Intelligence

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