Eamon Cameron

Eamon collage

We are over the moon to welcome outrageously talented new designer Mr Eamon Cameron who’s going to be interning with us for the next couple of weeks…

We thought we’d make him feel right at home by putting him directly under the spotlight and firing a load of questions at him…

Name? Eamon Cameron

Date of Birth? 20/05/1990

College? UWS, Remote Campus at Cardonald College

Favourite Piece of Loft Work? (Only kidding, don’t answer that…)

Favourite Designer and why? Aaron Draplin – I like his philosophy… ‘If it doesn’t need to be there, don’t put it in…’

Favourite Design Tool? 2H Pencil, Eamon reliably informs us that it is the perfect tool of precision and great for building in shapes on the paper…

Favourite Font? Din Pro, medium with +5 kerning…

Tea or Coffee? (Yes please says Alejandro in the background…) Coffee

Favourite Studio Music? Kings of Leon, Comeback Story being a particular favourite…

What do you want to be when you grow up? Fireman 🙂 No, only kidding, graphic designer.

Eamon has already hit the ground running, he dramatically increases the average height of the team, and we can’t wait to see what amazing things he creates with his 2H pencil over the next couple of weeks…

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