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This week we are discussing Social Media Week, including our own event ‘Future Forward’ and also some of the other exciting events that will take place that week. We also talk about some of the great people we have met this week, their respective businesses and we briefly discuss another Comms Breakfast at the Corinthian on Thursday.

Social Media Week Glasgow

This week the schedule for Social Media Week came out. If you haven’t already heard. The 19th – 23rd of September 2011 will see Social Media Week come to Glasgow. The schedule looks incredibly exciting with a number of great events taking place throughout the city and the welcoming of companies such as Google to the city of Glasgow.

The businesses of Glasgow have already demonstrated that they are well ahead of the curve with regards to social media and this will be a fantastic opportunity to show off our talents…

There are a range of events taking place throughout the city during the week, amongst many others here are a couple that we are really excited about…

Future Forward

Along with the other events, we have registered our own event for Social Media Week this week. ‘Future Forward’ is going to be a full day event with an evening presentation, that explores possibilities in future-proofing companies and building stronger brand identities. In line with some of the great brands of the moment. We are passionate about putting design and creativity at the heart of company’s planning for future success. One of the key quotes behind the essence of the event came from David Kester of the Design Council in last weeks ‘Creative Britain in Reverse’ video campaign.

“Just look at the FTSE100 alone, the companies that use design intensively have outperformed the FTSE over a ten year period by 200%. Design is absolutely critical to our growth and economic success.”

Future Forward promises to be a great day where we generate great ideas for the future…

What has struck us most is the reception to the event by others from the city. We are speaking with a number of companies that would like to contribute and enhance the event on what promises to be a great evening. Watch this space for more details as they come…

You can check out the details of the event at …http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=98

And you can follow us on twitter for real time updates @tlcstudios The #tag for the event is #SMWFutureForward


One of the best ways to start off the day during Social Media Week shall be at Esquires Coffee shop for the daily ‘Business Banter’ As one of Glasgow’s most popular and well loved networking event, ‘Business Banter’ is usually held on a Thursday morning at Esquires Coffee shop, Glasgow.

For Social Media Week, there shall be a daily and extended Business Banter, with five speakers from various sectors talking daily about how social media has impacted their businesses. The Loft is proud to be assisting ‘Think Different’ with the ‘creative banter’ and shall be speaking about our own experiences with Social Media Week. Each of the events will have a great range of speakers, the opportunity to ask questions and to network in the same way that so many enjoy doing on a Thursday morning. In line with the regular banter format, all events will be free to attend, so make sure you check out one of the events.

The details for the daily banter during social media week, can be found at http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=314

or follow Think Different on Twitter to find out more about the banter as a whole… http://twitter.com/#!/ThinkDifferentE

T-Shirt Design Freak Out

One of the great events for Social Media Week shall come from our very own client, Freak Dem, who are hosting a ‘T-Shirt design freak out.’ The event which shall be divided in two parts. Part one shall see a range of contestants being asked to design a t-shirt on the Monday, throughout the week, social media shall be used to post the designs online, gauge reaction and eventually help decide the winner.

Part two shall be used to announce the winner, who will actually have their t-shirt produced with the proceeds going to a charitable cause to be decided between the winner and Freak Dem. All in all, enhancing Freak Dem’s message that they are more than just a fashion label. In addition to this, Freak Dem will also have outstanding gospel act, Jason Dolphin performing at their event.

To find out more about the event, check out… http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=107

Or you can follow Freak Dem on Twitter @chiquefreakdem

PSYBT Transatlantic Innovation Challenge

And finally, one of the most exciting and truly global events shall see our very own Prince’s Scottish Youth and Business Trust (PSYBT) take on Fundación Impulsar of Argentina in a live innovation challenge. This promises to be a truly global event with both companies engaging with their own social media communities and exploring ways that creativity and innovation can be used to enhance every day life. It truly captures the imagination of the brief and we shall be following its progress with interest…

Check out this event at http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=100

Or you can follow PSYBT @PSYBT_GLASGOW

Comms Breakfast

One of the best networking events around in the city at the moment is the monthly Communications Breakfast held at the Corinthian Club on Ingram Street held on behalf of Dunning Design. This event was no different with over 100 people flocking to the Corinthian early this Thursday morning to hear the talk ‘Is your Smartphone smarter than you?’

The talk was held by the very knowledgeable David Coleman of STS Digital who gave an interesting insight into the current wave of smartphones and their implications for businesses. Amongst others, one of the best moments from the talk was the funny introductory video. Check it out…

you can also follow STS Digital on Twitter @StsDigital
Or the Corinthian @CorinthianClub

Finally, to find out more about the Comms Breakfast, hosted by Dunning Design, check out @CommsBreakfast

Pieter Rosenthal, Cork & Bottle

In addition to The Corinthian Comms Breakfast and Business Banter. The final part of our incredibly busy Thursday was a very enjoyable dinner with wine and social media consultant Pieter Rosenthal at Glasgow’s Urban, Bar and Brassierie. In addition to the delightful Pinot Noire that accompanied our dinner. It was really interesting to hear the opinions of Pieter, somebody who understands wine better than most, about his love for all kinds of wine. Its very easy for people, who understands the intricacies of, in this case wine, to become snobby about more popular wines and the way they are consumed. But it was refreshing to hear Pieter shun this attitude and heed a more balanced outlook about the way wine should be drunk and enjoyed.

As can be seen above, from the You Tube video, Pieter himself, is an avid and knowledgeable user of social media. Indeed, one of his current tasks is to help educate the wine makers and distributors themselves about social media and how it can be used to enhance their communication strategies. Pieter’s blogs about wine are incredibly interesting and shall form a significant part of the next ‘cork and bottle’ website. His company ‘Cork and Bottle,’ shall also be hosting an event for Social Media Week with details to be confirmed soon.

You can check out Pieter on twitter at @pieterrosenthal

It was also worth noting that The Urban, Bar and Brassierie, provided a beautiful meal and is an excellent place to go for dinner or even an after work cocktail… Check out the Urban on twitter @UrbanBarGlasgow

Have a great week folks…


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