Its been another interesting week at the Loft. We unveiled some new work, met some more interesting people and begun work on our next range of design services.

Thierrys Blog

I was really pleased that we officially completed the Blog for Hampshire based Wine importers ‘Thierry’s’ this week. Working directly with Pieter Rosenthal, we have built a blog that encompasses all of the great features of the modern-day web. A user-friendly Content Management System (updatable even from a smart phone,) social media feeds, social book-marking, video uploads and stylish graphics that are in line with Thierry’s current branding. We have also made use of several stylistic innovations such as customised fonts which lend further style to an online page.

Thierrys are one of those companies that have very quickly grasped the power of social media. At this week’s London International Wine Fair, they will be sponsoring the Access Zone and hosting several top wine producers to actually make new kinds of wine on-stage in front of an excited audience. They have placed a lot of importance to their blog in addition to tools such as Twitter and You Tube. Pieter Rosenthal, Thierry’s social media manager, has done a fantastic job already in populating their blog with excellent content. This week in particular will be very exciting as Pieter blogs and video logs of all the exciting things going on directly from the LIWF stage.

Check out the blog at http://blog.thierrys.co.uk/

Or to find out more about Thierry’s…http://www.thierrys.co.uk/default.aspx


It was a real pleasure to meet with fashion designer and entrepeneur Raschique Narwan, who came to the Loft this week to chat about her new brand. The wonderfully titled ‘Freakdem.’ Raschique has big plans for her brand and will definitely shake things up a bit with her new e-commerce site.

Team Singh

I had a great Skype chat this week with Ricky Singh of ‘Team Singh,’ in Ayrshire. Its always refreshing talking to people who are at the cutting edge of their sectors. Team Singh are no different. Ricky is absolutely obsessed with the most effective training methods out their. Not only does Team Singh provide an excellent training routine but they are also looking at innovative methods such as Tabata Training, PHA Training and HIIT training to help get that additional performance from their clients. They are truly at the sharp end of what they do. All in all, helping their clients to ‘train harder, train smarter.’ We hope to be welcoming Team Singh to the Loft soon for their Loft experience to look at ways to help build their brand as part of an ambitious growth plan.

To find out a bit more about Team Singh, check them out on Facebook…


or on their website…


Congratulations to Twintangibles

Another fantastic duo that have been really impressing me with their insights and vision are Tim and Daniela of Twintangibles. I wrote about them a couple of weeks ago and plan to write about them in more detail again soon. In the mean-time, it has been announced that Glasgow will be the UK’s official Social Media City along with Milan, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and many more. A wonderful achievement for Glasgow. And a wonderful achievement for Twintangibles who will be co-hosting Social Media Week in Glasgow with 35 events arranged for the week.

To find out more about Social Media Week.. http://socialmediaweek.org/

Twintangibles can be found on Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook etc etc, but its probably best to just check out their website..


Violence of The New

At the Loft, we are also obsessed with the cutting edge. This week has seen us begin work on ‘The Violence of The New’ project with our partners. The ‘Violence of the New’ is a response to the way the web is changing, we are very excited with initial progress and look forward to being able to offer very exciting new web-services to our clients that will help them implement their brand strategies with greater effectiveness. Watch this space…

New Premises

I did a quick check-up on the new Bothwell Street Complex this week with my friends from The Go-Group. I am happy to say that progress is going well. We now have walls and a better idea of what our new studio will look like. Although we are still at the stage where the builders are impressing with their artistic talents on the walls. Three weeks until we officially move into Suite 5, 35 Bothwell Street.

Bye Bye Gayle

Finally, it is with great sadness to say that Gayle from the Go-Group will not be joining us. Gayle has done a fantastic job for the Go-Group in the last four years running the John Logie Baird Awards amongst other things. She is also tough as nails and one of the most fiercely competitive ladies I have ever met. ‘Marathon? Pah!! No problem, I’ll do two and still make it to the gym the next day!’ There was sadness all round at her leaving night on Friday.

It was interesting to meet Gayle’s new boss Jordan Fleming of the Designate Group on Friday night. Despite the fact that he is a McLaren fan and swears too much. He does have a lot of interesting stuff to say about business/marketing and has a very interesting blog. Which can be found at http://www.miss-marketing.com/

He is lucky to have inherited a tremendously hard worker and talented person like Gayle to his organisation. I wish both of them every luck on their journey

Here’s to another super exciting week.

Thanks for reading folks…


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