ABM Intelligence (now Altia-ABM) is a Nottingham based company and a specialist provider of covert intelligence systems and software solutions. They were introduced to us by our long-term client Altia Solutions whilst both companies were merging and we were asked to do a little employer branding (create a brand for the employees as well as customers) to bring the organisation further into the family and create a new brand, one which would sit comfortably beside that of Altia.

A major part of this exercise would be the creation of company values, a vision and mission statement. We were asked that ABM staff take a lead role in the exercise – one that would eventually shape the company’s operations, sales and client-service.



We spoke to every member of the company’s large team, a priceless exercise as we learned a huge amount about the company’s culture – what worked, what didn’t, the team’s concerns about the past and aspirations for the future. We were very quickly able to determine a number of patterns from our interviews.

We discovered that, amongst other things, the ABM team were most proud of their ability to innovate, stay ahead of legislation changes and serve the law enforcement community.

The development team was particularly passionate about incremental gains – ‘one less mouse click in a programme, multiplied across a team, over a number of days makes a significant difference to a client’s productivity.’ This was key to what the company stands for and a tremendous development in our work with the developers.

Finally, efforts were taken to ensure the entire ABM team bought into the exercise after its completion, so we adapted traditional terms like ‘Values’ and ‘Mission Statement’ to the more practical ‘Who we are’ and ‘What we do.’



The creation of values for ABM Intelligence was a tremendous success with our work being used to help in the tendering process (with an international government no less,) on-board new staff and influence decision-making – particularly with the technical team.

“The loft helped us to create a new brand after our merger in 2016. They went to great lengths to talk to everybody in the company, they were always responsive to changes and both the identity and cultural aspects of the new brand have been a great help to us in re-positioning the organisation and getting our messages across. We very much enjoyed working with them, highly recommended.”

Paul Hardman, Group Client Manager for Altia-ABM

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Young Enterprise Scotland (YES) is a Scottish charity that inspires and equips young people to learn and succeed through enterprise. The charity has been running for over 25 years and as a long-term client of the loft, we were delighted to be asked by their CEO Geoff Leask to look for creative ways to burn the new ‘three-year strategic plan’ into the minds of key stakeholders.


An incredibly exciting project, we worked closely with Geoff to ensure the project would be creative, informative and memorable. We looked beyond traditional solutions like slide presentations, one-page plans and other traditional formats to create a set of unique cards that could be gifted to individuals both inside and outside the organisation. Short punchy cards that shared the main points of the plan.

For the design of the cards, we believed that the very people who would benefit most from the successful communication of the plan should be placed front and centre – school pupils, apprentices, volunteers, etc.

We had great fun working on set-piece photography of each of the different people involved, we combined them with eye-catching graphical backdrops and as a surprising twist – the backs of the cards make use of Young Enterprise Scotland’s own unique tartan. A final flourish was the beautiful envelope the playing cards were placed in when given to others.


A strategic plan with a real difference. We are absolutely delighted with the final results as were Young Enterprise Scotland.

“When you approach a design agency with a wish, you never know where you will land with the ideas generated and ultimately the effectiveness of the suggested proposal for your organisation. Working with the loft I had no fear and no doubt about the innovation, the communication, the deadlines being met and most important having something that worked for us and our audience.

At the end of the day it is what the public perception is of what the loft created THAT IS IMPORTANT – in a nutshell they love our Strategic Plan in a set of playing cards and we cannot thank them enough for having their ideas and following through to production – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland




CPUK approached the loft to help them communicate the essence of their brand. The nature of their services was innovative and forward looking but they were looking for greater understanding from clients and a brand that meant something. We were asked to look at the entire brand from the strategy all the way to the design of each of the individual channels.


We wanted to get under the skin of the company, so we worked to find out what motivated and inspired the key stakeholders. The company was engaged in a large number of highly specialised activities and we worked to find the guiding principles behind each of those activities. To find the true essence of the brand.

Our research led us to ‘Restoring Balance,’ which was eventually used as a theme and found to be the phrase that best described what the organisation was about.

Once ‘Restoring Balance’ was unveiled as the key message, we worked on a range of concepts that were based on those words. The brand, photography, website design, print materials and brochure design were all inspired by variations of a circular theme that depicts the words ‘restoring balance.’


A new strategy, logo, brochure and art-directed photography all help to clarify the message of the brand.

“Working with the loft has been an incredibly uplifting journey. From what was becoming dated and obscure, we have a brand that is simple and packs an incredible punch in today’s competitive marketplace. Our brand is so important to everything we do as a business, so getting it right has helped us win more business. I would have no hesitation in recommending that you take this journey and beautifully define, why you do what you do.”

Yosof Ewing, Managing Director of CPUK