‘Bridge2Business, celebrating the traits of an entrepreneur’

Shortly after developing the brand identity for Bridge2Business, we were asked to create a campaign which would help them to encourage young people into entrepreneurship whilst building on the original ‘celestial navigation’ theme of the brand. A campaign was created to celebrate each of the main traits of the entrepreneur – positivity, resilience, optimism, etc. We developed 7 in total. We brought each of these words to life in the night sky with a series of star constellations created from a completely custom-typeface. The campaign images were used throughout colleges, enterprise zones and also online.

What The Client Said…

“When we developed our ‘seven traits of entrepreneurs series’ we needed something that would help us tell our story, be easily recognisable as part of the Bridge2Business brand and in keeping with the overall feel of everything we had developed to date. The loft team were creative, communicative and passionate about our work – outcome a very happy client!”

Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland

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