Jordan [Production King]


Production King!

Jordan is a digital craftsman and true aesthete with a great eye for detail. One with brilliant technical skills and an almost freakish ability to bend a Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator document to the will of his command. Making the simple brilliant and the brilliant simple. A more stylish chap you will be hard pressed to find!

What is your education background?

I studied HND Visual Communication (Graphic Design) at Edinburgh College

What design product or designer do you admire?

 I like to attend design talks to hear from well known designers and hear their story, one that sticks in my mind is Paula Scher, I loved her work and her story really got me engaged.

What is your favourite design tool?

I have a graphics tablet which is really cool, I’m still learning all the features on it but its great in illustrator and photoshop. You have so much more control using the pen compared to the mouse.

Your design specialities, strength?

Attention to detail, I feel like I’ve got an eagle eye when it comes to making things look right.

Tea or Coffee? How do you take it?

Coffee,Coffee,Coffee,Coffee,Coffee!! and a splash of milk thanks 🙂

What’s your favourite Music? 

I could say anything by Beyonce but everyone knows that. I’ve recently got into a new band called ‘ZHU’. They are quite dancy but chilled… it’s good for zoning out and listening to when I’m working on projects.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I mean… when you’ll be 99?

I hope that by the time I turn 99 I will have specialised in not only design but some kind of film production, maybe teaching… definitely sticking in the design industry but I would like to try new areas and challenge myself along the way. 

Why did you chose to do design? What motivates you?

Design just kind of happened for me. It was my second option at college (My first was Drama) sadly I wasn’t destined to be the next Leonardo DiCaprio so I went along to my interview for an NC design College course and 5 years later I’m working away as a designer. I guess it’s fate!

What is your favourite project you worked on for the Loft?

My favourite project at The Loft has been working with Scottish Leather Group. We created a brochure for their annual Sustainability report which was good fun and now we are creating animated videos for their social media. Learning new software along the way has been a great challenge and its been a very enjoyable project.


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What are you doing when you’re not designing?

I love going to see new movies in the cinema and I do love a good night out as well.