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Hi folks and welcome to another weekly news from the Loft. With social media week forever closing upon us, we discuss the event a little further as well as the other weekly goings on. However, we intend to start blogging more regularly with smaller amounts of content each time so keep your eyes peeled on Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook to see more…


Since it has been two weeks since we last brought a blog to you, I must say that we have had some significant developments for our social media week event, Future Forward. Firstly we have a client for the event. The Good Spirit Co.

A retailer of fine whiskeys, rums, vodkas, licquors and cigars in the centre of Glasgow. They are the perfect partners. They already have a great brand, some fantastic products and an amazing story. Matthew, Mark and Shame have already been using Social Media well since the opening of their store. And we cannot wait to see what can do to make this great brand even better… We are also delighted about the inclusion of Glasgow Opportunities (The Go-Group) as a partner for the event as well. The Go-Group will be providing us with the venue for the evening as well as presenting themselves and their use of social media up to now.

At the Loft, we are delighted with this development. And in addition to our other partners, IA Cubed, Building Your Momentum and Shirlaws Business Coaching, this truly will be an event worth attending. As our company mantra is ‘design with soul,’ we intend that this event will be designed to be innovative, inspiring and engaging as possible. We have a raft of ideas that will be using in the lead up to the event and during the day too. We look forward to welcoming you all to the second floor of Mercantile Chambers, 53 Bothwell Street at 5PM on Tuesday the 20th of September.

Registration for the event is now open and can be found at http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=98

And the various Twitter usernames of our partners and speakers are…

The Loft @tlcstudios
The Good Spirits Co @Good_Spirits_Co
Building Your Momentum @herahussain
The Go Group @The_GO_Group
Shirlaws @jimatshirlaws
IA Cubed @IACubed

Our website is www.theloft.co

Get Giggin

It gave us great pleasure to complete the Branding and promotional material for new web-start up ‘Get gig’n.’ Iain Mcniven of Get Gig’n’ plans to build a website that synchronises all of the venues, events and bands for live music acts. A sort of reference site for music lovers everywhere. We had great fun doing the design work and wish him all of the best moving forward.

Website coming soon…

Comms Breakfast

Thursday morning saw the 5th Comms Breakfast ran by Dunning Design at the beautiful Corinthian. This week saw a fantastic presentation by Tom Rice of the Glasgow Marketing Bureau to more than 100 delegates. It must be said that Tom displayed an absolutely wonderful passion for the city and the level of pro-activeness the bureau has shown in enhancing the brand message of the city internationally. Thing such as bringing the Mobo Awards to the city and the design of a Style Mile App were just brief indicators of an agency that wants Glasgow to be seen at the cutting edge in comparison to other cities. Needless to say that the Corinthian breakfast and hospitaltity were both splendid as always. Very much looking forward to Claire Dunning, who I had the great pleasure to finally meet, talk about on LinkedIN in October…

You can find out more about each of the parties on Twitter…

Comms Breakfast @Commsbreakfast
Dunning Design @dunningdesign
The Corinthian @Corinthianclub
Glasgow Marketing Bureau @seeGlasgow

Happy Birthday Banter

Friday evening was a momentous night for ‘Jacky’ of ‘Think Different Events’ and his ‘Business Banter.’ Anybody that follows the Loft on Twitter or knows me personally will know how much I love my ‘Business Banter’ on a Thursday morning. Like many other people, it is my favourite networking event by some way. Well it turns out that the Banter was one year young on Thursday morning and to celebrate. A special ‘Friday evening Banter’ was held once again at the Corinthian. The event was attended by more than 50 people, who all came out to support Jacky and this wonderful event. Jacky has done so, so much to make this event as successful as it is. Basically creating a ‘village-like’ atmosphere for the Glasgow based businesses. It was fantastic to see him collect his signed Partick Thistle strip, a much deserved present for the wonderful work he has put in recently. I cannot praise him enough for his selflessness, good humour and hard work in making the event what it is. Which is basically most people’s ‘favourite networking event.’ We wish lots of luck for his sector specific banters and we cannot wait to work closer with him during Social Media Week.
To find out more about the banter, check out @business_banter and @ThinkDifferentE on Twitter or simply type #TDBB in Twitter to see why it’s so well loved.

PSYBT Growth Awards

In what turned out to be a crazy day of networking, Thursday saw PSYBT celebrate their Annual Growth Awards on the 2nd floor of Sloans Pub in Glasgow. In what turned out to be another great event, it was wonderful to see Patrick McDonald of ‘Superior Catering & Leisure’ scoop up the award for young business of the year. Patrick’s company sells hot food at a mobile trailer kiosk in events all around the country. Patrick was a very refreshing winner, very straight talking and making no bones of the fact that he wants to be like ‘the dragons’ from the Dragons Den, being inspired by Duncan Bannatyne in particular. But interestingly enough, with a great instinct for business, he may be one of the few hot food vendors that include a Halal menu. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were to become the next Duncan Bannatyne. Well done Patrick.

Finally, it must be said that PSYBT put on another great event at Sloans. Sarah Scase and Gina Martin did a great job and deserve a lot of credit for their efforts. In addition to Patrick’s award, it was wonderful to see Jeff Horner of the Go-Group receive volunteer of the year. Jeff looked absolutely flabbergasted with the announcement but his is a richly deserved award for the tremendous and tireless work that he has done for the trust. In addition to this, Jeff Horner, who also works for The Go Group also played a huge role in helping us secure GO as a partner for the Future Forward Event. He is a constant source of support and ideas, and always plays a vital role. Indeed, Jeff is a big believer in innovation and among his many roles at the Go-Group; he looks after Connect Scotland, The John Logie Baird Awards, The Enterprise Fellowship Scheme as part of his many roles for The Go Group, in addition to being an ambassador for PSYBT. He is a true workhorse and deserves much credit.

Check out PSYBT Glasgow on Twitter @PSYBT_Glasgow

Mark Strudwick

On a slightly more sombre note, it was very sad to hear of the new of the retirement of Mark Strudwick, PSYBT’s charismatic CEO. Although I can’t claim to know him too well, I do know that he has led the charity with distinction for a number of years. An absolute gentleman, always looking forward, never flustered and creating a wonderful team spirit that resonates throughout the organisation. One such example of this was when he was able to persuade almost 20 volunteers, staff and associates to come out on their day off to support the charity at the Perth races.

He told me that he plans to ‘never retire’ but continue work for some of his other charities. He shall be a big loss and we wish him every bit of luck possible for the future.

Glasgow Half Marathon

Just a quick note of congratulations to many friends who took part in the Glasgow Half Marathon yesterday including Ricky Singh of Team Singh, Brian Tait of Aillum and Daniela Castrataro of Twintangibles. Well done guys and I hope to join you next year.

Finally, it has given me great pleasure to hear that Social Media Week in Glasgow is absolutely leading the way in terms of quantity and quality of events for Social Media Week. Supposedly we are second, only to New York. A Great feat and real proof that Glasgow really is one of the most sociable cities in the world. We absolutely cannot wait.

Get involved folks… http://socialmediaweek.org/glasgow/

Have a great week folks and keep an eye out for our next posts during the week…

Benedetto Bordone

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