The Loft Experience

The Loft launched its first ‘loft experience’ today. The Loft experience is a creative event between the loft and its clients, to brainstorm new and innovative ways that the client can use design to enhance its message and reach its audience. A massive thank you to Brian Canavan of Aperture Marketing for taking part. He was a very engaging client to work with and collectively, we came up with a raft of new ideas that he may be able to use for his brand moving forward.

The Loft experience is a weekly event that we are running for new and existing clients to assist them in strenghtening their brands. The event is available every Friday afternoon and is free. It is open to businesses of all sizes that are looking to enhance their brand identity. If you would like to have a go at the loft experience. Please contact us at 0141 572 8495 or by e-mail at info@theloft.co

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