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Hello everybody, welcome to my blog!

I have got tonnes of different ideas and theories about many things so I thought it would be good to start jotting them down. The majority of my posts will be about car design as this is my profession as well as my passion but from time to time, I will comment on other things that grab my attention from music to politics and society in general.

I know we are in very very hard times but we must be brave and consider the future. I was watching Richard Seymour, coincidentally, give a speech at my old uni in Coventry.

What struck me most about his lecture was that it dealt with optimism. And I found myself continuously nodding my head in agreement. I couldn’t agree more!! Now is the time when new ideas will flourish because old ones have had their day!! now is the time that entrepreneurs and creatives will be given a voice as the bureaucrats and law makers before just weren’t listening!! Now is the time that people can appreciate the things in life that they hadn’t noticed due to the desire to endlessly chase material gains!! Now is the time to look for a better future and be optimistic! Change can be painful sometimes but it is always necessary and I feel as individuals we must always look to the future with optimism and approach life in this way!

It is terribly sad to see a company like GM suffer and my heart genuinely goes out to all those people in Detroit who will lose their jobs because of decisions made by men with much greater salaries, who have failed!! And they have definitely failed. Of that, let their be no doubt! For example, every year, at every degree show around the world, new and interesting solutions to modernise our cars and transport gets presented, some are better than others, some more feasible than others but time and time again, this type of blue sky thinking was overlooked not just by the big three but by most of the major OE M’s as a whole. They thought that heavy trucks, powerful saloons and massive SUV’s would sell in huge volumes forever! As a designer, incremental changes in brand perception was the most adventurous things we got to see! Dinosaur thinking by dinosaur companies has seen them face their extinction.However, what gives me hope is that these companies now must change and change fast and the ideas that were previously overlooked before are now being desperately sought after to repair the damage. This is where we might see exciting products and ideas. Companies like Local Motors who are trying to do something brave, wonderful and new, might prosper in this new age and I think we should all be excited about Local Motors vision and companies of a like minded status.


With every down side their is a positive one and my hope is that the American government like others around the globe will support companies like Local Motors in the tax system to allow them to prosper with their new products and methodologies. This way, maybe the poor guy with ten years experience spraying Chevy trucks who has lost his job through no fault of his own will soon be able to find employment for another successful and new American company!!

Benedetto Bordone

PS, for further reason to believe in hope and optimism. Weren’t Brawn GP (then Honda) nearly dead in the water only three months ago, look at them now!!

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