Your Creative Space

If you’re fed up working from your flat, being ignored by your pet and keeping the gown on past noon — we have a big, beautiful, open space for you to come and call home. We’re talking about a large creative studio in the heart of Glasgow. You’ll be part of the wonderful South Block family and have access to the most collaborative of spaces. As seen below…



So, if you’re a creative, freelancer or just a cool person doing cool stuff – it’s time to ditch the slippers and come join your new creative family.

We can offer…

– A wonderful environment with the loft team and other freelancers too.

– All of the fantastic, communal facilities of South Block — breakaway spaces, coffee shop, reception services.

– Wi-Fi (of-course)

– The opportunity to take part in different activities with our own team (who are a social bunch) and other people sharing the space too.

– For creative freelancers — the opportunity to collaborate on projects.

– Oh, and a table and desk too (almost forgot.)




You can see pictures at… https://theloft.co/2017/03/08/ditch-that-dressing-gown-were-looking-for-hot-deskers/

The price is £120 (+20%VAT), we require a minimum 3-month commitment and a reference too.

Please contact hotdesk@theloft.co or phone 0141 354 1595 for more information.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


The loft Team