BELIEFS, the glue that holds a brand together…

How do you differentiate between authentic communications which embolden and bring colour to a mission and those slightly insincere messages that leaves everybody feeling a bit queasy?

How do you attract those raving fan customers that you are going to need to help grow your business? People love what you do, the way you do it. People who will use your service once and tell one-hundred people about it?

And more importantly, how do you find staff that will buy into your vision, share your mission and truly give their all for you?

The answer to all three questions are found in developing the ‘beliefs’ of your company.

Similar to ‘values,’ the beliefs of your organisation are key differentiators in the marketplace. They are the spiritual core or DNA of your brand. Your beliefs are the foundation of every form of communication you will ever create.

We have had the great pleasure in recent weeks to work with Jamie Doak – on the design of his new ‘Arcman’ brand and one of the most satisfying parts of this project has been the attention given to the underlying beliefs that underpin everything his company is about.


Brands have many purposes but If one has to really think about what a brand is for – it is to give a clear impression of what your company does and stands for to an outsider or to re-enforce those ideas to people within the organisation. Ultimately it is to find common ground with your customers or staff – knowing what you stand for helps add weight, honesty and authenticity.

Establishing your beliefs…

– Allow you to work with clients with a common or shared purpose, minimising relationship friction.

– Makes for more harmonious working relationships. People sub-consciously act on their beliefs, if your staff share your beliefs – they are likely to more naturally act in a way that is in harmony with what you and your company is about. 

– Will instantly give you a point of differentiation on the marketplace, the more you can talk about what you believe and give examples which embody that – the more interesting and colourful your website, your pitch documents and proposals are going to become. 

Be under no illusion, establishing your core beliefs isn’t all upside…

Not everybody will share them for a starter so you leave yourself open to attacks or criticism from people who may be hostile to what you believe and you must live up to them every single day – through good times and bad. However, the good definitely outweighs the bad.

How do you uncover the beliefs for your brand?

There are many ways to do this, but for those looking to experiment – write down the actions and behaviours that your company and the people within your company perform that are most in harmony with your vision and what you most approve off.

‘Cause and Effect’

Every behaviour or action stems from held-belief, people that always make the coffee for their colleagues, believe in kindness and helping others. People that will take a call from a client after work hours believe in ‘exceptional service’ and so on it goes.

You will find hundreds of examples, think about what it is that person believes in that makes them behave that way and pick 5-7 that are most in harmony with what you believe yourself…

Don’t be too precious, they may change, but just by doing this exercise, you will know so much more about yourself and be much better placed to develop all the different parts of your brand presence.

As the titles states, beliefs, the glue that holds the brand together.

If you need any more help, you know where to find us…



Benedetto is the founder of the loft, a design and branding agency based in Glasgow.

The loft helps its clients build more effective brand communications and operates in a diverse range of sectors, specialising in technology, packaging design and professional services. The company is proud to include Petroleum Experts, The Wood Group, BenRiach Whisky, The University of West of Scotland and Glasgow City Marketing Bureau amongst its clients.

The loft offers people-centred brand solutions created using imaginative thought processes and delivered with a consistently high-quality and bespoke client service.

The loft is looking beyond traditional creative services and has begun to produce more integrated brand journeys for its clients – tying together disciplines such as digital, social media and customer experience – in addition to sales & marketing to help companies attract and retain customers & staff. Essentially, building a stronger bond between the person and the brand.

The loft was setup with assistance by PSYBT in 2012 and received Growth Funding the following year. Benedetto is the regional ambassador for the Princes Trust in Glasgow and also provides support to other charities including Young Enterprise Scotland, SMART STEMs and MCR Pathways.