At the loft, we just love great details.

We love those tiny gems that transform a design from something that is good into something that is great. In this post, we share some of the strongest details we’ve worked on in the last couple of years. Each one – helping to build even stronger and more engaging designs that resonate with people.



Whilst working with Seric Systems and Springboard Marketing a few years back – we created a new internal piece of branding. A very strong process-driven, geometric poster, elegantly placing a huge amount of information onto a very small space in a very impactful way. The poster looked good but we had doubts whether anybody would actually refer to it. The idea to put Stuart, Steven and Greg on the poster with carefully-selected messages helped take this piece up another level.




Whilst creating individual sub-brands for Altia Solutions, we made abstract data sets with colours to demonstrate ‘working with data.’ They were already looking good – when we decided we should give them a final flourish – we hid patterns within the grids. Each pattern symbolises the true function of the product – Transforming DATA, Cleaning DATA & Linking DATA for The Toolkit, Toolbar & Insight.




In the creation of any brand exercise – it is of the utmost importance that the final mark has as many visual cues as possible to symbolise the strength and attributes of the organisation. ‘Strategic Positioning’ for Beeks FX VPS is a critical part of their offering. To add a small creative flourish to an already-strong brand. We manipulated the centre of the ‘b’ in ‘beeks’ to look like a small map-pin. A delightful touch that add weight to a brand that is already brimming with symbolic reference.




The Illustrations of the Fridge Angels team were borne out of meeting a tight website deadline. In the last hours before website publish, we required shots of the team but with no time to get them together in a consistent format.

A couple of smartphone pics later, some handy illustration skills and one of our designers working at the speed of light – we had three beautifully, bold illustrations of the new Fridge Angels team helping to bring a brand that is already full of personality to life that little bit further.


We already knew that the Bridge2Business brand was going to be a special one – a brand based on star constellations. What more does an entrepreneur need on their voyage than the stars to guide them on their path?

We had a strong logo but wanted to give it that little bit more meaning and found Nashira meaning ‘Lady Luck’. This made a good brand even better and the story was widely used in their launch. Nashira was the star of their brand launch in the Planetarium of the Glasgow Science Centre…




As an extension to the Financial Investigators Toolkit brand, Altia had a new bureau service. We designed a logo which neatly depicted the style of the process – a motion cycle of the the Tookit – neatly showing what the software could do. We also had all of the different customer benefits on-site too. However, we needed something that would make it more obvious for customers. A simple system was created – bank statement in, through the ‘Xaltia Data Services’ cycle and Excel documents out. So simple your granny would get it.





The words that summarise our entire existence.

Somehow they had to find their way onto a business card, already jammed with clever features – quadruplex card, letter-pressed characters and a foil printed logo.

Insanely thick and beautifully finished, the blind-pressing of ‘DESIGN WITH SOUL’ turn a great business card into something epic!



Benedetto is the founder of the loft, a design and branding agency based in Glasgow.

The loft helps its clients build more effective brand communications and operates in a diverse range of sectors, specialising in technology, packaging design and professional services. The company is proud to include Petroleum Experts, The Wood Group, BenRiach Whisky, The University of West of Scotland and Glasgow City Marketing Bureau amongst its clients.

The loft offers people-centred brand solutions created using imaginative thought processes and delivered with a consistently high-quality and bespoke client service.

The loft is looking beyond traditional creative services and has begun to produce more integrated brand journeys for its clients – tying together disciplines such as digital, social media and customer experience – in addition to sales & marketing to help companies attract and retain customers & staff. Essentially, building a stronger bond between the person and the brand.

The loft was setup with assistance by PSYBT in 2012 and received Growth Funding the following year. Benedetto is the regional ambassador for the Princes Trust in Glasgow and also provides support to other charities including Young Enterprise Scotland, SMART STEMs and MCR Pathways.