Al Pacino, an embodiment of soul


A slightly different tack this week. I had the great pleasure of seeing and hearing legendary actor Al Pacino speak at The Clyde Auditorium on Tuesday night. A truly magnificent evening – there were some clips from his incredible back catalogue of films, he sung, he danced, he took questions from the audience and to finish – he simultaneously acted out various scenes from some of his theatre work – acting out the parts of everybody in the scene. A remarkable feat – at one stage when he said ‘You will all be with me after tonight. Soon you will realise that there will not be a tomorrow, and there will not be a yesterday, there will only be today and right now,’ nobody was sure whether he was acting anymore or repeating a mantra of his perspective of life to the audience. Either way, it definitely felt special.

At 75 years old, he both looks and sounds great, he has boundless levels of energy and what was most impressive was despite all that he has achieved he was still hungry for more, much more and to take risks. Not so much for ego or money but for the love of his craft, for getting himself uncomfortable.

Ironically as I get the pleasure to meet and hear from ever more people that are truly outstanding at what they do, the more similar they all seem to be. There is obviously an art in acting, but there is also a science and discipline too. Some of the great entrepreneurs I have heard speak have turned what they do almost into an art form.

I think there are lessons for all of us – the most important of which is doing something we love.

We talk a lot about soul and spirit in our studio, we want to breathe life into everything we do – I seen many similarities with the journey we go on with our work to that an actor does with their work.

Seeing Al Pacino on Tuesday night was a very special and an educational moment. I seen first hand, an incredible life lived and a person with so much more to give.

But more importantly, on giving yourself up to something that is bigger than yourself.

The very essence of soul.